Saturday, December 3, 2016

What I've Been Reading Lately

Here's what I've been reading lately!

I had always wanted to read My Life in France by Julia Child. I am hoping to travel to France next year to visit my brother and sister-in-law who just moved to the Provence region. This book got me excited for that trip and I can't wait to explore the region. I also loved hearing more details about Julia's life. At times, the book did feel a little slow and too detailed. I did enjoy it overall and would recommend it to anyone curious about her life. 

Reading this book inspired me to add more autobiographies, memoirs, and biographies about women to my library request list. I guess I was feeling a little feisty and more feminist after the election. 

Onto a book about a great man, Hamilton, which is also such a trendy topic right now. Thanks to my relationship with Blogging for Books, I received a copy of Alexander Hamilton's Guide to Life by Jeff Wilser. Even though I studied History and Political Science in college, I couldn't remember all of the wonderful things Hamilton had accomplished before his life was cut short while dueling Aaron Burr. Now I feel like I know so much about this Founding Father. 
I think Wilser made the topic enjoyable to learn about. He injected humor and fun facts throughout. I also liked how he included information on how the history portrayed in the Broadway show is slightly different than what he discovered in his research. Buy this for the Hamilton fans in your life and put it under their tree this holiday season. 

Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

My Everyday Life [Weeks 47 & 48]

Can't resist snapping a photo of the moon with hawks in our trees.
The cats have grown accustomed to sitting by the fireplace this winter. When we're home, we turn it on about three times a day. It's freezing in our house!
Just showing my support of Penzey's. Their owner spoke out about the election and I fully support what he said. Love their spices.
I was pretty close to putting this in my Target cart. It's perfect--this nutcracker sort of looks like Pema and has a mouse in his hand. I love that it says "presents meow!"
First natural mascara purchase. Love it so far. The reviews said it smudges, but I haven't had that problem. Maybe because it's winter?
Adventures in pre-teen/teen sitting! I took pictures of my nephews and Craig all around the mall. My sister-in-law had surgery, so we took the boys out to dinner and shopping.
Thanksgiving lunch at my mom and dad's. Mom made Shutterbean's delicious Pecan Topped Sweet Potatoes after I sent her the link. I love sweet potatoes!
My nephew has a nerf gun hoarding problem (we counted over 70 between him and his brother when we were at their house).
What a strange, but smart marketing campaign 3M. I took this to show my family members who work for the company.
 Indian lunch buffet dessert, my love, and a really cool light.
From naughty...
To nice. Saturday marked the 3rd anniversary of when we brought home the littlest boys. Can't believe how quickly time has flown! I guess that's because they are so much fun.
Picked this up at Whole Foods yesterday and it's delicious, of course!
After five days off of work, I am not ready to go back! I guess a routine will be nice again, but I love having all day to do what I want.