Sunday, September 14, 2014

Secret Shopping Personal Training

Our gym membership at the YMCA ended today. I'll really miss it there, but it's time to break a sweat at my new workplace and show my clients that I am also working hard in order to stay healthy and fit.

I was getting $60 in YMCA bucks back for going 60 times in 6 months. We had been applying it towards our membership, but they finally cut that benefit and asked us to use it on personal training or classes instead. I signed Craig and I up for a PT session and we went to workout with our trainer on Thursday night. I thought it would be a great secret shopping idea and it was.

Initially, I had talked to another trainer and  described my workouts. She was stumped because I knew how to use many of the machines and gym tools. She then handed us off to another trainer. 

Here is the workout we did in an hour. It was total body and high intensity. 

This workout wore us out! We had fun, but it was very challenging. I hate to embarrass Craig, but he really wasn't used to getting his heart rate up for this length of time. He had little fuel to burn at the end.

We stretched at the end and many stretches were ones from yoga--child's pose, downward dog into a wider child's pose, etc.

Our trainer is studying nutrition, so I asked her a few of the questions my clients have asked me--like my opinion of protein powder, etc. and I got some good ideas of ways to answer people.

I wasn't really that sore the next day. Craig was though. My arms started to hurt on Saturday morning, probably from the circles with weights as I wasn't used to performing that type of exercise. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fulfillment via my Personal Training position

I have been a part-time personal trainer for a month and a half now! It took me about three weeks to get a routine down with my new schedule and then things were smoother for me. Admittedly, at first, the whole new environment, lots of information being thrown at me and working two jobs gave me a few headaches and stressed me out a little. Now I find that I am excited to go to my second job and when I am there, I am never tired or in a bad mood. I come home enthused and feeling complete. 

I haven’t had any paying clients yet, but I’ve trained four people on their two complimentary orientation/training sessions and they’ve all gone really well. So far, no one has even asked me if I am a new trainer or could probably tell for that matter. Naturally, every individual had a unique medical condition or limitation and I was able to come up with programs that achieved their goals and were safe.

Two of my four clients were a married couple. I wanted to help them on their journey to wellness so badly and when I trained both of them separately, I seemed to instill some confidence in their ability to go beyond the cardio and weight circuit at the gym.

Last night, I trained the wife and at the end of her session, she gave me the best compliment that I could have asked for at this point in my new second career. She said that her and her husband had trained with a male trainer at a previous gym and I did an amazing job compared to him. She said I was good at knowing which exercises they were able to do in their current overweight condition, I listened to them, and they had fun working out with me. This may lead to them paying to train with me as a couple and that would be wonderful. Even if that doesn’t happen, I walked out of the gym feeling so confident and happy last night. I feel so fulfilled by helping people become healthier. Even one client telling me that she went out and bought chia seeds because I recommended them was something that affected me mentally

Like any new career or workplace, I am sure I will encounter challenges and bad days, but when I do, I hope I look back on this post and remember how I felt at the beginning of this new career path.