Monday, April 27, 2015

Pearls Olives to Go Review

Thanks to my partnership with Sweat Pink, I received a sample kit, lunchbox and compensation for this review. 

I recently received this lovely sample kit from Pearls Olives and have enjoyed tossing them into my lunch box and using them in recipes at home. When I was younger, I mainly ate just the pimento stuffed olives and was sort of scared to try any other type! We always have pimento stuffed olives out as a snack at our holiday gatherings. Now I particularly love black olives and kalamata, especially on pizza or in pasta dishes.

Olives are considered a good fat, which is great for lowering bad cholesterol. The fat also helps you stay full longer.
I like that the cups come without liquid and are pre-portioned in smaller sizes, which prevented me from overeating.
While I thought the packaging was going to create more waste and I considered that a negative aspect, I just washed the cups out and recycled them. Seeing the recycling symbol on the back of the packages reminded me to be green and do this!
I enjoyed eating green olives at work as a mid-morning snack! I tend to snack on sweet things like bars or fruit at work, but it was nice to have something savory in my snack drawer for a change.

Facts about Pearls Olives:
  • Musco Family Olive Company is the leading supplier of table olives in the U.S. 
  • Nearly all olives grown in the United States are from California. 
  • They are headquartered in Tracy, California, which is the most advanced olive plant in the world. 

For those of you in Milwaukee, look for a coupon for Pearls Olives to Go in The Journal Sentinel, The Wall Street Journal and many other Milwaukee-area newspapers on Sunday, May 3rd. 

Thanks to Sweat Pink and Pearls Olives for sponsoring this review! 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lately: Drinks

I consume a lot of water, coffee and tea, but sometimes I like to switch things up with drinks. Here are a few new ones I've tried and I thought I would share them on the blog. 

I recently purchased these new La Croix curate cans at Target and love them! It's a treat to have these vs. plain old water, especially in my lunch bag. The flavor is very subtle, maybe more so than their other flavors. 
Craig has been on a Bolthouse Farms kick lately and I like to try to find alternatives to that brand. We both have enjoyed this Green Plant juice from Trader Joe's. He doesn't eat vegetables, so this is a good way for him to get some in his diet.
I won a giveaway for KeVita Master Brew Kombucha coupons and trying these has also been a treat. I enjoy kombucha and these are some of the tastiest I have ever tried. I found these at a local store I love called Health Hut.
I had a free coupon for this brand, which was hard to find (Outpost had it). Sadly, this had a strange flavor. I couldn't quite figure out what it was, but I didn't love the taste.
Have you tried any new drinks that you love?