Friday, July 25, 2014

Getting to Know Me

This questionnaire was taken from the Art of Simple Podcast. Tsh asks her interviewees these questions and I thought I would share my responses on the blog!

Twitter or Facebook: definitely twitter. I just like how positive most links are and I seem to learn something new every time I read my feed.

Morning person or night owl: morning person. I am so tired by 10 p.m. On the nights I have to work until midnight, my sleep cycle is totally messed up all weekend. Craig thinks I am crazy, but it's true. I am totally happier waking up early, drinking my coffee, and getting stuff done and out of the way!

How do you drink coffee? I used to love half and half, but now I drink vanilla soy or coconut milk and just a little sugar. Lately though, I've been adding less and less of both and want to drink my coffee black. I may try switching to only green tea in the future or warm lemon water on a more permanent basis.

I also love lattes and frozen coffee drinks. :)

It’s 9 p.m. and you have the house to yourself, what do you do? I'd probably read a book or magazine and hope that the kitties cuddle up on my lap.

What’s on your nightstand right now? My happiness journal, lots of books, my alarm clock, about three hand creams.

What smell do you love? Lilacs, lavender

What smell do you hate? Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume. Sorry if you wear this scent. I swear every woman in Switzerland and Italy wore this perfume and I was so sick of the scent of it mixed with cigarette smoke. It seriously gave me a headache nearly every time I got a whiff of it. 

Other than your current home, where would you most like to live? In a brand new ranch home with a bigger kitchen, master bedroom and a three car garage. That or a tiny house, but that is not very likely to happen!

If you could eat only one nationality of food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Indian food. Mmm...paneer tikka masala, warm naan, mango lassis, mango ice cream.

When you were 6 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? Probably a teacher because I looked up to my sister Laurie. Ironically, I work in an education dept., but I don't "teach" anymore because it wasn't my thing. I guess I will sort of be teaching as a personal trainer because I will have to demonstrate and explain exercises to my clients.

Me at around 6, with my sister Laurie (whom I am actually driving to visit in Minnesota tomorrow morning).

Feel free to answer any of the questions above in the comments below so I can get to know my readers better!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Does your food contain carrageenan?

I wanted to share information and build awareness about an ingredient found in so many foods! I get really frustrated and angry when I look at ingredients on products at the store and see carrageenan on the list. It's in many dairy products and I guarantee you're going to notice it in ice cream, non-dairy milks, creamers and more next time you go shopping.

The first question I asked when I learned about it a year ago was, "why is it so bad for you?" It has no nutritional value and it causes gastrointestinal inflammation. I already have dealt with a lot of gastrointestinal issues in my lifetime and I don't need something else contributing to it.

Naturally, the next question I asked was, "what is it?" It's an ingredient extracted from red edible seaweeds. It's used because of its stabilizing, thickening, and gelling properties.

I recently found it in the protein drink I like and was disappointed, as I'll never buy that brand again.

Some products I use that don't have carrageenan include: Trader Joe's refrigerated Almond milk, Stonyfield Ice Cream, Lifeway Kefir, Westsoy milk, So Delicious Coconut milk (certain types don't have it) and Eden Soy milk.

Here are some resources to share:
The best one I have found is this one from the Cornucopia Institute
Prevention magazine article on it
Dr. Weil article
I've already signed the petition being sent to the FDA, but I encourage you do the same

What ingredients do you try to avoid in foods? I naturally stay away from high fructose corn syrup and now carrageenan.