Thursday, June 30, 2016

Our garden-2016

Are you growing a garden this year? I always love documenting what we're growing and looking back on previous years, which I've linked here: 2012 2013 2014 2015

We've got two little gardens. I wanted to continue our tradition of having a container garden, so I planted three each of brussels sprouts and broccoli.

Unfortunately, a pest has invaded those plants. From the research I did, I believe they're sawflies.
 Broccoli plant.
Here's my pest caught in action. I actually removed most of these by hand over the last couple of days. It has not been fun! I hope that I have caught them early enough to save the plants. They also invaded our rose plants.
I think I caught a sawfly parent in action and he or she was checking on her larvae. 
Craig was in charge of planting the tomatoes and peppers in a little garden at the edge of our woods. Two of the tomato plants that we purchased in early May are taller than me! I seriously don't think I've ever seen tomato plants grow that tall before.
Happy to see his garden is healthy since I am on the fence about mine right now!
I'll be sure to check back in late summer/early fall to update you on how my plants did after the sawfly infestation!

Monday, June 27, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 26]

Here's what I've been up to in the last week. 

Last Sunday, we had my in-laws over for Father's Day. We went for a hike and then I made smoothies for us. They joked that they didn't want any vegetables in their smoothies (they know me well), so I stuck with fruit, but I should have snuck some spinach in for fun.
Speaking of smoothies, I found this mix at Costco and took a photo of it for future reference. Once I run out of protein powder and other mixes, I might try this if they still have it in stock.
I accepted a job offer on Wednesday morning and that called for a celebration! We tried to go to the Gasthaus since it shut its doors last week, but it was packed. Instead, we checked out a new Mexican restaurant near our house and had margaritas to celebrate my good news.
 Pretty flowers at my brother and sister-in-laws's house.
I picked my nephew up from camp and we went back to his house to play board games. We enjoyed bounce off and connect four. I ruled at bounce off, he kicked my butt in connect four. 
Found these pajamas at Target and now I regret not buying them, but I am trying to abstain from purchasing things I don't really need. This is perfect for me (and my dad). 
Bought a box of these at Costco in hopes that Craig would take them for lunches too. They're a winner! He doesn't like beans, but he'll eat this. Hooray!

I stole this photo from the Waukesha County green team Facebook page. Craig and I are in the middle to bottom right. We attended a green drinks talk at Good Harvest. It was on indoor air toxins and we learned a lot!

After this presentation, I ran home to join "ladies night" at a nearby house. Since I'm the new girl in the area, I was a little nervous to meet so many new people (total introvert at heart), but it was fun.
I had been wanting to try Henry's hard orange soda, so I picked up a can this week. It was really good. I was surprised it didn't taste sweeter, but that was a good thing. 
We had a little surprise visitor on our back patio Sunday afternoon. I saw a face peeking in the patio door and saw the neighborhood outdoor kitty there. Of course, once I opened the door and had the cats go up to the screen, he didn't come back over and stayed under our chair. Silly cat!
That was my week! This one is a bit more exciting, although accepting a new job was very big news for week 26.