Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Everyday Life [Week 3]

Started my Monday morning by getting to work at 6:30 to avoid an ice storm and work some overtime. My job requires a quiet office to accomplish most of my tasks well. Luckily, I am a total morning person, while my other colleagues are not. 

I took a little walk through the new gallery show we have on display. I love the artist's work, especially because I am a bird lover.

This one also has such a beautiful frame!

I finished reading my third book of the year, Paulo Coelho's The Spy. It was sort of meh. Mata Hari's life was fascinating and sad though. 
And onto a new book (well actually two because another one came in via the digital library). I really like this one so far.
Set some new goals using the Fitbit prompt to change some things up for the new year.
Unfortunately, some of those goals may have been ignored a bit because I ate so much this week, including the delicious homemade cake a colleague brought in. 
These Tofurky slices are pretty good, although Rip Esselstyn specifically says not to consume these on his seven day diet. We actually bought them for Craig, so it's ok that I've had a couple of slices. 
The cats (well maybe except Pema) continue to adhere to their nightly routines. For Shiva, that means following me up to the bedroom and lying down outside the door.
Tanzi runs up the bathroom and waits for Craig to pet him using a tweezers. That old kitty loves hard scratches! Shiva has now joined the party. 
Loving this new feature on 23andme. I still am struggling to find which of my ancestors would have been from Spain or Portugal. Maybe the information from this report will help me. 
We showered my sister-in-law (also named Lisa) with love on Saturday! She's due in early April, which will be here before she knows it.
I love looking at old photos of my husband when we're at their house. He looks so adorable here.
My sister was in town over the weekend and a bunch of my family met up to catch up with her! Here's my great niece who cries every time she sees my brother, her grandpa! He is quite the bugger and always has been, so I think she has a sixth sense.
And here's my nephew Nathan showing off his snacks. 
 Off to watch Victoria! I really enjoyed last week's episode. Are you watching it?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Everyday Life [Week 2]

Week 2 was a good one! 

I made overnight oats with organic frozen raspberries (they're finally back in stock at Costco) and goji berries. Such a good combination!
I finally got a haircut! Last time I had one was in September and I needed it refreshed so badly. I still cannot manage to get my hair to curl as well as my stylist does. 
We went to Illinois on Saturday. I enjoyed a delicious Earl Grey vanilla creme latte from Argo Tea. We don't have any Argos in our area, so I always like to head there when we go to Chicago.
On our way to Woodfield Mall, we passed up Salata and I figured that might be a great place for us to have lunch later on. Once we did some research on lunch spots in the area, Salata sounded perfect for a vegetarian and a pescatarian who is a bit picky (Craig). You can make a salad or wrap and choose from so many different toppings! 
Loved their mission statement of "eat good, look good, feel good."
We both LOVED our salads! The salad dressing we chose was Spicy Chipotle Ranch and it was amazing.
I had a bit of everything in mine and tried to add things I don't normally have in stock at home, like beets. I chose some pita chips as my bread and added baked tofu as protein.

We both really wish there was a Salata in the Milwaukee area. I'll be dreaming about that salad for the next month or trying to recreate it at home.
After lunch, we headed to IKEA. It was packed and we did not find much. We will likely invest in some more expensive furniture pieces vs. buying stuff that might fall apart pretty quickly. Craig and I did buy some CD/DVD storage shelves and when he put one together today, the back panel piece broke in half. I'm crossing my fingers that IKEA customer service comes through because we're not keen on making another four hour round-trip drive to the nearest location.

I tried this brand of pickles for the first time today! The company had sent me some coupons a long time ago and I finally found them at Target. Loved these because they were a bit spicy!
Not too much else to report about this week except that I finished the book Miss Jane and enjoyed it! Onto The Spy by Paulo Coelho next.

Hope you had a good week!