Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Mother Nature is Trying to Kill Us!"

Yeah, that title pretty much sums up yesterday evening.

Before braving going out in nature, we made these lovely pizza bagels using pizza sauce, Bruschetta from TJ's, provolone cheese, basil and roma tomatoes.

bagel pizza


This was a quick and easy meal--great for a busy weeknight. Probably not the healthiest with the normal (not thin) bagel, but we had to use them up because I got a bunch of plain bagels free at work last week.

After digesting and looking at some new kindle books, including this one that was free and looks quite good...


...we went to Boerner Botanical Gardens, where we were married almost two years ago. Going back there, I always get the feeling that we chose the perfect place to get married in. I am glad we didn't just get pictures taken there, as many brides and grooms do.



This was my "aisle."


I took lots of pictures of the rose garden area, our ceremony site.





I liked that these signs and flowers were right next to where we said our vows.



Where I became a Mrs.! And yes, I do have a hitchhiker's thumb, thanks to my daddy's genes.


Rose Garden


Then it was off to hike around the Whitnall Park pond, which is right near Boerner Botanical Gardens. Yeah, not a good idea to go hike in the woods when it is sunset I guess. I think summing everything up in bullets is the best way to describe what happened because I wasn't able to take pictures of our adventure until the end.

-First, there was a robin on the trail who wouldn't leave us alone. He was just super friendly and cute.
-The bugs were getting really bad and buzzing around our heads. We were flailing our hands above us and then we started running on the trail. I love trail running, but this was the "survival" kind to avoid the bugs.
-At one point, I was leading the way on the trail and concentrating so much on not spraining my ankle or falling, so I was looking down. Craig yelled "Lisa stop!" He didn't explain why I should stop and I looked up to see a big deer on the trail. I was about 10-15 feet away from running straight into it!
-And then there was another deer about 5 minutes later. This time it was a big buck.
-This is where it gets gross. Craig had a bug fly in his mouth. I have had this happen once and it was not pleasant. Anyway, Craig was pretty disgusted by this and we got off the trail and walked out by the Wehr Nature Center.
-We had to walk on a road to get back to our car and towards the end, there were geese with their babies on the side of the road. We stayed on the same side as them until one of them started hissing at us and looked very threatening. Trust me, I love birds, but I was scared when the hissing began. I thought for sure the one goose was going to chase us and bite our butts. :)

Evil goose is right behind the street sign. Yes, he is still watching me very closely at this point.

mean geese

-This is when the quote that is the title of my post was blurted out by Craig. I really felt like everything was against us doing this hike and it was time to call it quits and get one of these at Kopps.

Kopps Orange Dream custard

I had Orange Dream and Craig had vanilla.

Aaah, that made everything feel better. We had quite the adventure last night, but those kind of funny things make great memories! We'll never forget what happened and will probably reminisce every time we go back to Whitnall Park pond.

Back tomorrow with today's recap! I am behind on my posts, but today just flew by and we were gone for a lot of the day.

How has your holiday weekend been? We went to a cookout today and tomorrow, I am debating whether or not to go to the outlets with my mom. So glad for another day off, but I feel like I didn't get everything done that I wanted to this weekend.


  1. Haha - sorry about the insanity on the trails but that is hilarious! I steer clear of geese too - they can get crazy and from what I've seen their bites hurt!

  2. Geese are my mortal enemies. I get chased by them wayyy too often. BTW it is quite a lovely wedding site