Sunday, August 21, 2011

A lonely but productive Sunday

I tried lots of new products today, but have no time tonight to write separate reviews on all of them, so those posts will have to come at a later date.

I tried Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest for breakfast this morning!

Hemp Hearts Manitoba Harvest

Nutritional stats hemp seeds Manitoba Harvest

Thanks to Manitoba Harvest for sending me some to try out. :)

They smell nutty in the packaging, but didn't taste that way at all. I'll keep adding these to foods this week and do a full review later.

I put some hemp hearts on top of the fluffy pancakes I made for Craig and I this morning! Not sure why, but the pancakes turned out really good. I did add some soy protein powder and had never done that before.

IMG_5659 pancakes

Craig left the house to go to his sister's and finish setting up the alarm system. That left me to take care of the garbage, water the garden, clean up in general, and finally get ready for the gym.

I have to get to the gym early on Sunday mornings, otherwise I'll never want to go the rest of the day, especially when it's beautiful out like it was today.

I went on the Cybex Arc trainer for 15 minutes, biked for another 15, and lifted a full circuit of weights. I also did some ab work and then got really hungry, so I knew I would have to head home.

I made a strawberry banana protein smoothie using Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder when I got home.

Tropical Traditions coconut oil, chobani, Sunwarrior Protein Raw Vegan Vanilla

It was my first time trying it and I really liked the flavor/texture. It wasn't as chalky tasting as my soy protein powder.

protein smoothie

I also added coconut oil to my smoothie for the first time. I had seen that idea on Voracious and wanted to try it out for myself! It added a nice flavor as well.

I didn't feel like having a proper lunch after filling up on the smoothie. I did feel like a nap though, so I laid down on the couch with Karma for a half hour.

I finally told myself to get up and be productive. I turned on Craig's computer and got to work on finishing the Kodak photo book! I decided that creating the book was a lot like blogging. It took being picky about the layout, captions, and selecting certain pictures to tell our honeymoon story best. I ordered the book tonight and I can't wait to get it!

I ate lunch at last and had sesame tempeh in a whole wheat tortilla with red onions, spinach, tomatoes, and some shredded cheese. I topped it with some Sesame Goddess dressing from Whole Foods.

tempeh in whole wheat tortilla wrap

My loneliness ended when Craig finally got home in the late afternoon! Yes, I am pathetic and I miss my husband's company when he's gone on a weekend day.

For dinner, Craig cooked us another item I will review in better detail later: Birds Eye's Voila! Three Cheese Chicken dinner.

cooking Birds Eye meal

three cheese chicken Birds Eye meal

Birds Eye Voila! Three Cheese Chicken

It was tasty! Craig picked out most of the veggies and had only the chicken and noodles. I liked all of the ingredients.

Time to go for a Sunday night walk with my husband. Tomorrow is our 2nd wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary two birds

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