Thursday, August 11, 2011

A summer cold

I am home today, enjoying the cool summer breeze blowing through our windows and the sounds of the birds chirping outside.

I didn't take off of work, but I had to call in sick because I woke up feeling ill. I started to feel sick last night. After a nap on the couch, I woke up with a really bad sore throat. That soreness continued this morning and I felt pretty out of it and achy. I went back and forth about calling in sick and finally decided it was ridiculous to go in when I didn't feel good and knew I would probably have to come home from work early anyway. Darn kids that I work around--I am sure I caught something from one of them.

I took a nice nap with the kitties in bed and felt so achy still, so I got up to take some tylenol and get moving a bit. I can't really sit still and rest properly when I am sick, so I did some laundry, dishes, cleaned the oven, and put away some laundry.

Instead of blogging last night, I watched No Strings Attached.


I liked it better than I thought I would. Even Craig (who said he wouldn't watch it) was wandering in and out of the living room off and on to see what was going on with the story.

Here is a recap of my Wednesday afternoon.

I walked to the Farmers Market at Zeidler Square to get lunch. After talking myself out of getting a savory crepe because the line was too long, I just settled on a classic Cousins Sub for lunch. I promised myself I would go back to get a crepe before the summer ends though.

Cousins Sub at Zeidler Square farmers market


I enjoyed listening to the live band and just people watching. I was also eavesdropping (it was hard not to) on a conversation about the recall elections.

Zeidler Square farmers market

I also enjoyed seeing everyone visiting the food trucks. It was my first time seeing them in Milwaukee. I only wish they would park outside of my work.

Street-Za food truck Milwaukee

tigerbitetruck Milwaukee

I am enjoying watching part of the Oprah reruns this summer, so I was happy to see that yesterday's episode had a segment on food trucks.

Food trucks on Oprah show

I was still thirsty on my way back to work, so I picked up something I had been wanting to try all summer--the Starbucks Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea Lemonade.

Starbucks Shaken Iced Passion Tea Lemonade

It was delicious! My only complaint was that I barely felt like I drank any because there was so much ice in the cup. Next time, I will ask them to not use as much ice. This request always gets me a weird look back from baristas, but I have had to say the same thing due to ice overload with iced coffee from Starbucks. If I am going to pay over $2 for a drink, I better feel like I got enough to drink instead of paying for a cup full of ice and just a few sips of the drink.

And I had a sweet tooth when I got back to work, so I had part of this yummy go raw Banana Bread Flax Bar.

go raw Banana Bread Flax Bar

Time to go for a walk and get some sunshine. I hope that helps me feel a little better!


  1. Oh no! I hope you get better soon to enjoy your weekend. Since you're so active and eat well, I'm sure you will!

  2. Ohhhh man feel better. We are so in the same boat right now not good!

  3. What a nice day! Nothing better than food trucks & farmers markets :)