Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog crush

Karis recommended two blogs to me recently and I am especially loving one of them: daily nibbles.

It's been addictive to hop over to see what she is up to because Sarah is traveling in England right now. Her pictures are gorgeous and they make me long to go back to England to travel soon. Pop over to her site to check it out!

In the meantime, I'll just read the book Karis brought me last week and dream about traveling to far away places like London.


Here I am at the Tower Bridge in 2006.


I have this need to figure out where our next trip is and I prefer that it's somewhere overseas because we are young and life is short! ;) HINT HINT Craig. I guess I need something to look forward to all winter long and having our next travel destination in mind is always helpful for the depressing, snowy days of winter.

Of course, I also love Karis's blog because she is always trying out new recipes and uses fresh vegetables from her CSA, so check Karis' Kitchen out as well!

Which blog(s) are you loving lately? Any new discoveries you just have to share? I am finding myself deleting a few blogs from my reader and adding more fashion and travel ones because they inspire me.


  1. Happy to hear that you're enjoying Daily Nibbles! I know what you mean about wanting to have the next travel destination in mind. I really want to plan a trip, preferably overseas as well. Especially with Chris just having returned from Japan, I really want to join him on the next trip!

  2. Oh, Lisa & Karis, thank you both so much! I was thinking of Karis the other day.....jealous that she got to spend a few YEARS over here. My month is going much too fast.

    Do you read What Would A Nerd Wear? Or The Other Emily? Both of them are fashion-focused, but fun and smart.

    I also love Joy The Baker. Huuuuuge crush on her.

  3. Oh, I miss England. It has been 7 years since I was last there. Far too long. My best friend is from Ireland and her husband from England, so I get to feel like I am in the company of those British people, but still want to go back. Now my friend from grad school in England is in Singapore, so it's not like we can visit them. On the other hand, my parents might be putting together another trip to Hawaii, so that's nothing to sneeze at. I want to get to Europe before the kids are much bigger though. I want to see it through their younger eyes.
    PS, I just made us ratatouille from vegetables with our CSA. YUM!