Sunday, August 7, 2011

Madison Farmers Market recap

Yesterday, my mom and I ventured out on a little road trip west of Milwaukee.

Before leaving, I fueled up with a big breakfast of a poached egg on toast, half of a banana and chocolate chip muffin, and some coffee.

breakfast 8-6-11, poached egg, coffee, half of a muffin

First, we headed to the state capital, Madison, for the ever popular and super packed farmers market. Did you know that the market is the largest producer-only farmers' market in the country?

Madison Farmers Market canvas bag


Madison Farmers Market

It was fun to check out what was in season and also to see unusual items like these golden oyster mushrooms.



Or these gourds.


There was a little mini garden in the middle of the market.



Many stands had honey and maple syrup for sale.


We tried fried cheese (mmm) and cheese curds here.


Mom ended up with a huge cheese curd sample on accident!

Mom and huge cheese curd

We saw unusual produce like bittermelon, which we knew nothing about.


These eggplants were so pretty.


HUGE kohlrabi.



So many gorgeous bouquets of flowers too!


flowers, rhubarb

pretty flowers

And strange, but neat looking trees.


It was pretty hot in the sun yesterday, so we took a little break to walk around the capital building.

Madison Capitol

Me at the Capitol, Madison

Mom in Capitol building Madison

La Follette

Our state animal, the badger.


Until I showed Craig these pictures, I hadn't noticed that my mom was standing on something about recalling Walker. I won't get into politics on the blog though and say anything more.

Mom outside of Capitol Madison

We saw pretty onions.


Instead of buying one of these (I was stuffed from breakfast), I took a picture to remind me to look up a recipe for a rhubarb oatmeal bar.


We sampled some Door County cherries (our favorites).

door count cherry sample Madison farmers market

Mom bought corn, beets, and caraway rye bread from here.

bread at Madison Farmers market

I ended up with two zucchini for $1.00 and three sweet corn for $1.00. Score! Oh and mom shared a part of her caraway rye bread too.

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning! The funniest part of our morning was when a squirrel ran towards a stand and tried grabbing something (it was the stand with the huge kohlrabi) and then everyone in the crowd shrieked and moved away from him. He was acting crazy and was just totally hungry for some good Wisconsin produced food!


We still needed to cool off when we were done perusing and we headed over to the Steep and Brew stand for some iced coffee.

Mom with Iced Coffee, Madison

Steep and Brew Iced Coffee, Yum

We walked around the gift shop of the contemporary art museum in Madison and I found this funny book, but I didn't buy it. It was hilarious!

Cats Are Weird book

Then, we were off to New Glarus! This post is jam-packed enough with photos, so another post on that destination will have to wait until later!

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  1. How fun!!! I have seen bittermelon in the store, but i'm too intimidated to buy one and see what it's used for ;)