Friday, August 12, 2011

New Glarus Brewery visit

The final stop (well besides a quick trip to the outlet mall) on our trip to Madison and New Glarus on Saturday was to the New Glarus Brewery. It's just south of the town of New Glarus and easy to find.

I searched for the brewery on Twitter and discovered this article, that may be of interest to you beer lovers out there.



New Glarus Brewery signs

Spotted Cow sign

You could taste beer inside or outside. I didn't feel like tasting any and neither did my mom. I had to drive home and beer just makes me tired. I have tried Spotted Cow before and liked it. The article I linked to above says that it's the #2 selling beer in Wisconsin (right behind Miller Lite).



Me at New Glarus Brewery, exterior


The view from the patio area outside was beautiful!

view from New Glarus brewery

We took the self-guided tour around the brewery and it was really neat to see the processing plant.

me at New Glarus brewery





Every workplace should have this sign up!

A Positive Attitude Leads to a Postive Outcome

Mom at New Glarus brewery, interior

It was cool to see a microbrewery that is independent and thriving in Wisconsin.

The owners are Dan and Deborah Carey. I didn't know it until reading her background just now, but Deborah actually founded the brewery and she is the first woman to found and operate a brewery in the U.S.

Before leaving, my mom picked out 8 beers at the Beer Depot to take home with her. She chose some Spotted Cow, Uff Da, Totally Naked, and Two Women.


mom picking out beer, New Glarus brewery

New Glarus beer at brewery, Wisconsin

I really wanted to try and buy the Raspberry Tart and Belgian Red (beer with Door County cherries), but the bottles are huge and I would never be able to finish one of those by myself!

If you are ever nearby Madison, I would recommend the trip to New Glarus brewery and to New Glarus!


  1. Glad you're still having a good time with the fam. :) I haven't heard of New Glarus, but since they're the 2nd best-seller in the state, I think I should have!

  2. The Raspberry Tart is delicious! The bottle looks big, but I think I could easily drink the whole thing :)

  3. Tiff, unfortunately, they don't sell outside of WI, so you would have to come here to get some! The brewery wants to stay small and purposely doesn't distribute outside of WI.

  4. Ooh, good to know Sarah. Thanks! I suppose it wouldn't be horrible to drink the whole bottle.

    Have you tried the Belgian Red too?

  5. I'm not much of a beer drinker, but it is fun to visit brewerys and see how everything is made! I love that you and your Mom do so much together :)

  6. of late, we've tried Two Women and really like that one. I'm a bit tired of spotted cow, but it was the first wi brewed beer I had in the state of wisconsin, so it will hold a special place in my heart. Those of us in WI are spoiled for beer. I hate going back to IA, there's nothing good to drink there. If I can, I settle for a Leinie's, but I'd rather be in WI.

  7. Ah I want to go on a New Glarus tour soooo bad!! Their new beer, Two Women, is super good!