Saturday, September 17, 2011

De-stressing, yoga, and a cooking class with mom

I had a good, but busy Saturday.

I got up sort of early and had some coffee, finally made some breakfast of eggs, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, nutritional yeast, and green pepper, and got all cleaned up and pretty before my mom came over.

breakfast eggs, tomatoes, spinach, nutritional yeast, green peppers

Since I ate so late, I was still feeling shaky and hungry, so I had a banana with some peanut butter. I love this Smucker's Natural PB.

PB and banana

My mom and I went to the YMCA for community day, which was also free to the public but not well attended. Maybe it was the gorgeous fall weather we were having here.

me and mom

I'll most likely write some other blog posts about it later this week, but we were there for three hours and went to a de-stress class, yoga, and then concluded with a wonderful "Something's Cooking" class. The cooking class teacher was also named Lisa and had a lot of similarities to me in terms of the foods she likes and other things. She made veggie burgers & banana quinoa pudding, both of which were so delicious. We also tried samples of boca burgers and soy sausages before trying the veggie burgers she made from scratch (recipe to come soon). It felt like we were spent a day at the spa (minus lovely massages), but it was all free! I love all things wellness, so this day was perfect for me. Now to find a job doing what I love that involves nutrition and/or fitness.

When we returned to my house, Craig excitedly presented me with a package and it looked like a book! I won this Joy Bauer book from Lynn at The Actor's Diet. I am most excited to find that Joy has a chapter on IBS and also talks about a lactose free diet. It looks like it will be such a great book overall with tons of recipes to offer in addition to some very useful nutrition information. I always like Joy when I see her segments on The Today Show or have read her articles on nutrition in magazines, so the right person definitely won Lynn's giveaway. :)

Joy Bauer's Food Cures

My mom brought over a pumpkin table runner she made me. I spotted a bunch of these while we were at their house last weekend and I picked out some fabric I liked. Isn't it cute? I am not a big holiday decorations person but I do gravitate towards pumpkin things in fall and pretty, yet simple decorations at Christmas.

table runner pumpkins fall

After the Y, my mom and I went to Penzey's and the AT&T store to check out the cell phones.

At Penzey's, I picked up this adorable "teach" box free with a purchase (I selected red and green pepper flakes) and a free jar of the Forward spice (Forward is the Wisconsin state motto). If you aren't getting the Penzey's catalogs in the mail, you are missing out on some great free spices or nearly free spices throughout the year!

Maybe Penzey's is making a statement to support teachers this fall with this box. After all, they've been through some tough times in Wisconsin this year and the forward motto is very applicable right now.


There was also a small recipe book included in the box. Their recipes always look so good.


On the cell phone front, I am almost positive I'll go with a general phone that only calls people instead of a smart phone. My mom will definitely get a general phone. I wish the smartphone Craig thinks I should get wasn't so expensive at the store vs. what it sells for online.

Trying the vegetarian sausages at the cooking class today prompted me to pick some of these up at the store this afternoon.

smart sausages Italian style

I added them to some shells and I threw in some green pepper, olive oil and sea salt. It was delicious! Craig also tried it and enjoyed the meal.

pasta with smart dogs

Time to curl up with the cute kitty next to me and maybe read a bit before bed. Just another low key Saturday night around here.


  1. Sounds like a great day with your mom...and a cooking class would be interesting!

    We are getting new phones in about a month and I can't decide what to do. I've had a smart phone for about 2 years and with our tight budget I feel silly getting another one! But lately I've been paying close attention to how often I use the extra features...a lot. Maybe not enough to justify and over priced phone and jacked up bill, but it would take serious adjusting. :S

  2. I can relate to you--I keep thinking "I don't need a smart phone, I have an iPod touch that I use so often where I get Wi-Fi and I am too addicted to that piece of technology anyway." But, then again, I do keep thinking that two years without a smart phone may be a stupid idea. I have to call my husband now to look things up for me, such as directions if I am lost, etc. Good luck with your decision Heidi!