Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Geek in the Midwest

I guess you could call me "geek in the midwest" today because I geeked out at the fact that I can finally borrow books for the kindle from the library! Craig and I knew the announcement was supposed to come out sometime this month and it finally did today, which totally made my afternoon. I already requested The Paris Wife and Eating Animals. If you've read either of these titles, let me know what you thought!


I have a lot of other reading to do, but I am sure I can fit in reading those two titles when they are available for loan.

One of the books I was most excited to start today was Catching Fire, the second book in The Hunger Games series. It already sucked me in and since I am taking a rest day from the gym tonight, I'll have plenty of time to relax and read it.



After work, Craig and I drove to meet Karis, aka my cake pop dealer. :) Karis delivered the cake pops I bid on and won from Jessica's Team Challenge for CCFA bake sale.

Aren't Karis' business cards cool looking? I like the clean and modern font she used. I need to get business cards for my blog yet.

Karis' cake pops

I declared that I wouldn't try a cake pop until Friday, when I can officially eat chocolate again. However, I was surrounded by chocolate all day and I just had to give in. Besides, I have done my lactose free diet for 6 days now and the doc said to aim for 5-7 days lactose free.

So, I was naughty and enjoyed one when we got home. It was delicious! Craig loved the taste of them too and said they looked so professional. They did--Karis did a great job.

cake pops

After hearing how difficult they are to make, I doubt I'll be making them anytime soon. I'm not sure I have the patience!

Have a good night!


  1. Very happy to hear that they tasted ok! Let me know if you're still interested in making them in a few weeks because I'll probably have forgotten about all the issues I had last night, and we could make them together :)

    That free business card offer on ends 9/23, but shipping is $7.95. I also noticed last night that my new favorite paper lady offers business cards too. Might go with her next time. Love but the cards are expensive!

  2. Those cake pops look great! Karis should go into business! haha. Thanks again for donating!! :D

  3. Those cake pops are adorable!
    I am working my way through audiobooks and after the last three I've listened to I seriously need something upbeat and cheery but I still have books like A Stolen Life on my list. I'm doomed to be a depressed reader...

  4. Those cake pops look beautiful.
    I had no idea that you could get Kindle books from the library - I'm going to check that out. I've been using an online service called Lendle to borrow Kindle far it is pretty okay. Never occurred to me to check the library though.