Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lakefront Brewery Pumpkin Beer

Happy start to the three day holiday weekend! I feel bad for all of the people camping in Wisconsin this weekend because we had some really bad storms roll through last night.

I was looking back on old blog posts this morning and kind of laughing at my horrible photography and lack of photo editing. I can't remember when I started using Flickr for my blog photos and it seems like my old photographs are so small because I was using Wordpress' photo upload system.

A year ago today, I went to Starbucks and used my free b-day drink. What a coincidence that I have plans to go to Starbucks today to do the same thing. Now that I just had my one year blogiversary, I am able to look back on what I was doing a year ago via my blog.

Last night, I opened up my first pumpkin beer of the season! I tried Milwaukee's Lakefront Brewery version and I loved the flavors.

On Thursday evening, Karis, Chris, and I were talking about what we used to eat for lunch while traveling in Europe and I said that I would grab a french baguette, some cheese, an apple, and a yogurt from the grocery store. Reminiscing about those simple meals made me want one like it for dinner. I picked up a french baguette, some chive cheddar cheese, a pink lady apple, and the Pumpkin beer while at Sendik's. I also had some Maple Brown Cow yogurt for my dessert.

french baguette, chive cheese, pink lady apple, pumpkin beer

I sat outside and enjoyed my meal! I got a little tipsy off of the beer but maybe that is because I don't drink alcohol that often. I drank it pretty quickly because it tasted so good.

pumpkin beer Lakefront Brewery

Had to take a picture of the beer bottle cap because it has my maiden name initials on it. :)

Lakefront Brewery Milwaukee

Last year, Karma seemed to fall in love with pumpkin beer just as much as his mama did and I snapped a picture of him sniffing my beer bottle.

And this year was no different. As soon as he got a whif of the beer, he started following me around.

Karma and pumpkin beer

I know this picture is totally out of focus, but Karma's attack of my finger that had a bit of pumpkin beer on it was too funny not to post. Weird cat!

Karma attacking Pumpkin beer

Breakfast this morning was a Strawberries N' Creme scone from Panera Bread. Yet another b-day deal cashed in. If you haven't joined the My Panera Rewards program, do it now for all sorts of free items throughout the year, not just around your birthday.

coffee, strawberries n' creme scone

scone Panera

It was nice and moist. I saved some for Craig to try and he liked it.

Strawberries n' Creme scone Panera

Time to go for a walk with Craig before the storms come through again.


  1. I'm so excited for Pumpkin beer! Especially from Lakefront! Glad to hear that it's out at the grocery stores already. :)

  2. Ooh - that scone looks yummy! I was eyeing up the scones at Barnes and Noble today, but decided to pass. And I love pumpkin! So excited that it's the time of year for pumpkin!
    I need to look into Flickr. Is it easy to use? I know NOTHING about photo editing :)

  3. Perfect dinner! I love simple meals... and beer.

  4. I have never tried pumpkin beer...I should probably get on that. But then, I don't much like pumpkin lattes, so I might not like the beer!

  5. Lakefront pumpkin beer is the best pumpkin beer!! Have you been on a Lakefront tour? So fun!!

  6. yum scones! i hear they're on the menu this morning for the b'fast i'm going to - am extra psyched now!