Thursday, September 1, 2011

Love Grown Foods Granola, Y-Chisel, Cleaning and Errands

My days off are flying by! I guess it's because I am constantly busy doing something around the house.

I tried out Love Grown Foods Sweet Cranberry Pecan granola for breakfast. Yum! Now I can see why everyone raves about this granola. Can't wait to taste the other flavors too. Thank you to Laura (a Wisconsinite who now lives in Colorado and works for Love Grown Foods) and Love Grown Foods for sending me some to try out!

Sweet Cranberry Pecan

coffee, Love Grown Foods Granola Sweet Cranberry Pecan

Love all of the things it is "free" of.

Love Grown Foods Granola

Here are the Nutritional Facts for this flavor.

Love Grown Granola Nutritional Facts Sweet Cranberry Pecan

After fueling up, it was time to get to the gym for the 45 minute Y-Chisel class (otherwise known as Strength and Stability). It was my first time trying the class because I don't believe it's offered during a time I can ever make, so I decided to try it out! It was taught by one of the Body Pump instructors I like and it was a fun, but challenging class. I enjoyed everything about it, especially the fact that I felt like I got a great workout and really worked up a sweat. We did lots of core work and that is exactly what I need since I don't tend to do enough of it on my own. When class was over, I decided to also do the elliptical for 20 minutes and watch HGTV.

Once home, I snacked on some plain chobani with agave syrup and more granola!

Then it was time to clean the house! I made this to do list on the dry erase board because I am more productive following a schedule when I am home. If I ever worked at home, I would definitely need to do this!

to do list thursday

One of my goals for all of these days off was to clean/reorganize some of the kitchen cabinets. I tackled two of them today.

We have a pretty small kitchen and not a lot of cabinets. Besides these pictured below, we do have a small pantry built into the wall by our kitchen table.


I took everything out of the areas I wanted to tackle and made a pile of things we may want to get rid of, sell at a rummage sale, or give to Craig's sister.

This lower cabinet had some small appliances and I thought the rubbermaid containers should go in there instead. Before, I had to reach up to see the rubbermaid containers on my tip toes and they would often come falling down onto my head!

lower kitchen cabinet

kitchen cabinets

This is the cabinet that had the rubbermaid containers in it. Many are in use right now, so this doesn't even show the pile that existed on the right side.

before reorganizing upper cabinet

After of the cabinet above our kitchen sink:

upper kitchen cabinet after

Much better! I hope I can get the blender down without it crashing on me, but I may use a stepstool or my husband's height if I need it.

With wiping out the cabinets and everything, this project didn't really take much time. I just turned up some music and had fun with it. I do have more I want to pull out of there this weekend and store in the basement. I had to quit because I wanted to eat lunch and get running errands.

Lunch was a Cascal Berry Cassis fermeneted soda, a piece of tofu with soy sauce on it, some tomatoes from our garden and strawberries with peanut butter chocolate on top.

Whole Living magazine, Cascal Berry, tofu, strawberries, tomatoes

Per my schedule, I read a bit of Farm City before getting ready to run some errands.

Farm City by Novella Carpenter

I went to the bank to deposit some checks, dropped off a bag of clothes at Goodwill, and then it was off to Target. I picked up a lot of great deals thanks to coupons and some totally free products after coupons--Pop Chips and Chobani. I went to Sentry next door to try to get the Dannon Oikos greek yogurt for free using an internet coupon and unfortunately, I discovered that they don't accept internet coupons at that location. Bummer! I guess more and more stores aren't accepting them because of fraudulent behavior on the part of others.

And now I just plan on relaxing a bit and meditating before Craig gets home. We're off to have dinner with Karis and Chris tonight in the Tosa Village. Too bad it's so hot outside, because I was really looking forward to sitting out on the patio at the restaurant we are going to without getting all hot and icky.


  1. I'm hopeful we'll be able to find a shady spot. Eating lunch outside today was brutal, until we moved to a table under a tree.

  2. I am so impressed by your motivation to organize on your vacation time! I wish I had that!