Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Riding the bus

This post will be a little random, but that's because I am not blogging every day, so it's only natural I guess.

I am almost done with my lactose free challenge--just two more days or maybe I will be cutting out lactose for life! We'll see.

Over the last week, I've definitely snacked a lot less, learned that my body needs more protein without my daily greek yogurt fix, and my stomach has been pretty well behaved overall.

I've learned that I love vanilla and plain almond milk, but I am not the biggest fan of soy milk.

almond milk, granola, Love Grown bag, coffee

I finished off one bag of Love Grown granola and it has been a wonderful snack and breakfast item to have in the house.

I took the bus to work for the first time ever today.



I wish we had some kind of commuter rail in Milwaukee, but this is fine I guess. I have to pick the bus up at a freeway flyer to save time, which means I have a pretty direct route without many stops, and I also will avoid waiting in the snowy weather when that hits. So, today was my "test" run to see if I would enjoy it.

bus view

I loved taking the bus. I was so much more relaxed when I got to work and it's because I wasn't battling rush hour traffic on the way there. Ever since back to school, the roads were just getting too unbearable. I can't wait to start taking the bus on November 1st. I'll get my kindle full of good books to read by then.

Plus, I get to catch up on my magazine hoarder pile. Today I enjoyed reading A Year of Sundays on the way to work and on the way home, kept things light with the September issue of Self.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture.

Self September 2011 magazine

In my attempt to get more protein in my diet, I hard boiled some eggs tonight. I made most into egg salad and look forward to throwing that on some bread tomorrow for lunch. I left two to have as part of my breakfasts this week.

egg salad, hard boiled eggs

I like pickles in my egg salad. Maybe it's a Wisconsin/Midwestern thing? Milwaukee's Midget Dill pickles are the best.

milwaukee dill pickles


egg salad

I haven't been to the gym yet and I figure it's the perfect excuse to head to the late Bodyflow class. I have only tried Bodyflow once before as part of a Pump/Flow class. I am looking forward to it. It comes highly recommended by Karis!

The only problem with going tonight is it's the premiere of the new Zooey Deschanel show that I wanted to watch. We are old school and don't have a DVR. Oh well!


  1. Definitely watch New Girl next week...it is hilarious and I love Zooey! We caught it on accident but definitely worth watching!

  2. Cool--thanks for letting me know. I'll definitely try to catch it next week!

  3. That flavor of Love Grown in my fave! So good! I wanted to watch New Girl too. I forgot about it though and since we don't have dvr, I'll have to settle for watching it online.