Sunday, September 4, 2011

The end of the birthday coupons

Yesterday was just plain dreary. I felt like I was in a funk and wasn't very productive.

Craig and I ran errands in the afternoon. We started out by going to Starbucks to use my b-day coupon.

Starbucks birthday coupon

We got the Iced Shaken Passion Tea Lemonade and had it with Qdoba for a late lunch.


And for the end of my birthday coupons, we got a buy one get one free entree deal. I chose a Craft Two combo of tortilla soup (love this) and a naked burrito bowl.

Qdoba you pick two

I always admire the "Qdoba blue" wall when we are at a Qdoba because I wish our bedroom was this color.

Qdoba blue wall

After we were done eating, I needed some of my favorite gum flavor, Orbit Sweet Mint, to tone down the spiciness going on in my mouth.

orbit sweet mint gum

I have to switch cell phone carriers at the end of October, so we ventured over to the AT&T store to check out the plans and ask questions about the discounts I can get through my work.

I learned a lot, but I am still indecisive about whether or not I need a smart phone vs. just a phone used for voice. I love Apple products and wish I could get an iPhone. I just don't want to spend so much on a cell plan every month.

I had to motivate myself to get to the gym and I went kind of late. I wanted to read my book, but every time I read it at home yesterday, I got sleepy. Instead, I decided that if I read it while biking at the gym, I wouldn't get sleepy and I would get something accomplished! I was right--it worked out beautifully. I had to put the book down and push myself on the fake hills.

I rocked a $3 Danskin Active tank that I got yesterday. It was comfortable and cute.

Walmart Danskin Active tank

I also tried this move that Tiff had posted as a video on her blog. I definitely had to be careful to make sure my hips were square and it helped to be in front of a mirror. I liked the move though and will try incorporating it into my routine more often. It gives me the benefit of a lunge, but I found that it doesn't hurt my bad ankle as much as a regular lunge with weights does.

We ended our evening by watching The Bourne Supremacy. We have seen it a couple of times before, but my husband wanted to watch a Bourne movie and since Matt Damon is my favorite actor, I didn't object!

I have been in the beer drinking mood this weekend, so I tried the New Glarus Two Women beer.

New Glarus Two Women beer and Matt Damon

I loved this! I added a lime to it as well.

New Glarus Two Women beer

Two Women beer

I liked the beer bottle cap too. I wish New Glarus would sell outside of WI so they could share their wonderful beer with the rest of the country, but I do understand their wish to stay a smaller brewer.

New Glarus beer bottle cap

My Sunday has flown by and I don't have a lot of exciting things to report. We cleaned this morning, Craig has a friend over now, and I went shopping with Craig's sister for home stuff. I didn't end up finding anything though.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon!


  1. Ooh...birthday Starbucks! I love freebie Starbucks! And New Glarus beer, so Wisconsin-y. I am seriously missing Wisconsin this weekend!

  2. Yay for bday coupons and good beer!