Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall hike and Berry Me Frozen Yogurt

Our hike last night went much better than the last one we went on at the same location a couple of months ago.

fall hike

pretty pond, Wisconsin

The fall colors were beautiful, of course.

orange fall tree

fall tree

pretty fall colors at pond

Our mission was to find a bench with a plaque honoring the memory of Craig's Uncle Leonard, who died of cancer two years ago.

We found it and honored his love of nature by walking in one of his favorite places, which is also one of our favorite hikes to go on. I liked the quote on it, "The beauty of nature surrounds us and reminds us of your love."

Leonard's bench

Us at Leonard's bench

With the weather being so beautiful, I didn't go to the gym all week. It felt good to exercise outside every day instead and I know that once winter hits, I will miss being able to do things outdoors.

This morning, we biked around our neighborhood and whenever we bike, I catch myself smiling from ear to ear. I love biking with Craig and I enjoy doing it in general. So much better than biking at the gym staring at a wall, magazine, or the TV!

We decided to use our groupon for Berry Me Frozen Yogurt on the east side of Milwaukee and head down there this afternoon.

Berry Me Frozen Yogurt Milwaukee

I spontaneously posted that we were going there on my Facebook page and asked if my friend Kim wanted to join us, as she lives pretty close by. Pretty soon, we were on the phone and decided to meet up.

Me and Kim at Berry Me Frozen Yogurt

I hadn't seen her in months and it was fun to catch up. She's thinking of starting her own blog too! Kim would be an excellent blogger. :)

I had plain tart and red velvet cake with swedish fish, sprinkles, and cinnamon toast crunch on top. The swedish fish were a stupid idea on my part because they became hard and they are always so chewy to eat. I love them, but not in fro yo.

Berry Me Fro Yo

I hate to compare, but kind of have to...Yo Mama in Tosa has many more healthy toppings (fruit) and just a better selection of toppings and flavors in general. I also like the flavor of Yo Mama better. Sorry Berry Me!

Next, I used up my last internet deal, which seemed to be the theme of my weekend because I used up all three that I had purchased! I had the Living Social Whole Foods deal and we picked up lots of different yogurts (which I'll review later this week when I try them--excited I found a lactose free one and I am going to finally try Siggi's), chips, apples, carrots, Mamma Chia drinks, Gardein veggie burgers and alcohol.

I better run and make some spaetzle for dinner. I used to make it every other Sunday for a while and then got sick of it. I love having the leftovers for work lunches.

I'll leave you with one more picture of my bangs. I think they look better with my hair up and so does Craig. He is so cute as he said yesterday, "I think you were meant to have bangs" or something to that affect. When my hair is up, the bangs are just long enough to break up the roundness of my face and emphasize my high cheekbones.

Photo on 10-8-11 at 4.56 PM #3--side bangs

Hope the rest of your Sunday is relaxing! I have seen a lot of bloggers comment on being off of work tomorrow for Columbus Day. I wish I was! I think when I worked in California, I had off, but no such luck here. I could use a three day weekend, especially with the weather being perfect lately.


  1. I'm so glad we got to meet today! I will def need a blog tutorial. You should come over and I'l make a veggie feast for us!! And wine. I won't forget wine.

  2. Woo hoo, welcome to the blog world fakinbacon!!! :) A veggie feast sounds perfect and wine too. Love wine. Let's pick a date soon so nothing else comes up!

  3. Let's have a blogger meet-up that involves hiking!!!

  4. Would love that! Great idea. Maybe in spring?

  5. Beautiful fall pictures, and I agree with the bang comment! I have a round face, and I always have to have some sort of bangs...

  6. Beautiful pictures, I can't stop taking pictures of leaves this year, so pretty!
    I really like the bench, what an awesome way to remember someone.

  7. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! :)

  8. Such pretty pictures, I love fall weather. Red velvet frozen yogurt, sounds like heaven on earth!

  9. They are super cute bangs. I thought you would look good in them. When your hair is shorter, you can tell it does have that wave in it. Glad to hear that Yo Mama is still in your tops. I can't wait to go back with the kids.

  10. I've never been a hiker, but the fall foliage always makes me want to go outside and walk/run. Glad you had a chance to do that.

    Love the bangs!

  11. What a beautiful hiking location!!
    You know, I actually used to freeze swedish fish because I liked them cold and chewy so much!