Friday, October 7, 2011

Gorgeous Fall Day

Hooray for the work week being over!

I started off my Friday with stovetop oats with a small banana, pumpkin puree, apple slices, and wheat germ.

This was the first time I remember having wheat germ, although the taste was familiar. My mom said she buys it, so maybe I had it at my parents' house before. I liked it! I especially loved the apple slices in the oats. I think I'll be adding those again soon. I seem to be addicted to apples lately. When I run out of them, I instantly feel like I need to go and buy more.

wheat germ, apples, stovetop oats, coffee

I left work a little earlier than normal today because it was just so beautiful outside and I couldn't stand being indoors anymore. Before Craig came home, I went on a long walk around our neighborhood while listening to the Dishing Up Nutrition podcast about diabetes.

One of the nutritionists mentioned working with a Minneapolis area based company where their cafe actually charged more for junk food than for whole foods. The whole foods were cheap on purpose so the employees would choose the healthy options more often. Pretty cool!

walking on a beautiful fall day

The "haunted house" in our neighborhood had this guy outside. Eek! The house actually has haunted house tours every Friday evening during October. Kind of fun for the neighborhood kids.

Halloween decoration--scary face

Craig and I decided to hit the tennis courts after work. We both like playing tennis, but hadn't done so all summer! Can't believe the first time we played this year was October 7th! I guess it was a hot summer, but the other excuse is that Craig hurt his knee doing some yard work in May and didn't want to risk hurting it more by playing tennis. It felt good to get out with my racket! We weren't the best, but that's ok. We had fun and got some exercise in. There was a cross country meet at the park we went to and that was neat to watch.

I had half of this Berry Almond Crunch Pure Fit bar before we played. It's gluten free, dairy free, low glycemic, vegan, no wheat, and has high protein at 18g per bar.

Pure Fit Berry Almond Crunch bar

I really liked the texture. It was chewy and tasty! Can't wait to try more of the Pure Fit bars.

Pure Fit bar

I picked up another Matt Damon movie at the library today, The Adjustment Bureau, so that's what we're watching tonight. I already saw it in the theater with my friend Laurie, but Craig hasn't seen it yet.

And tomorrow morning, I will or will not chop my hair. Either way, the side bangs will give me a bit of the change that I am yearning for with my style. Thanks for all of your feedback on which styles you like from what I posted yesterday.

Hope you're having a fantastic start to your weekend!

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