Thursday, October 6, 2011

Packages and Hairstyles

I love getting mail, but who doesn't!

I received two packages today and they brightened my day.

This one was from Farrah at fairyhealthylife. I didn't win her giveaway, but she said she would send me something anyway. Holy cow Farrah, you are too sweet! She sent me Starbucks iced coffee beans, a coffee cup, bread and a lovely note. Thanks Farrah, I really appreciated the kind gesture. Aren't blogger friends the nicest people?

iced coffee beans Starbucks, coffee cup, note

I also received this awesome tumbler from Tervis that says "Foodbuzz Tastemakers." I can't wait to make a smoothie and drink it out of this glass.

Foodbuzz Tastemakers tumbler

I've been thinking about changing my hairstyle for a while now. My hair has been pretty boring lately. I also don't get it cut that often (last time was July). I am getting my haircut on Saturday and sort of want to tell the stylist "do whatever you want and give me some side bangs too." I am at that point where I am plain old fed up with my hair. It gets really thick and boring when I don't get it cut for a while.

Here are my inspiration hairdos:

Craig prefers this one most, including the length. He loves my hair short. Yes, he is the opposite of most men in his preference for a female's hair length.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

I like Reese's hairstyle--long layers with side bangs. This preference for her hairstyle is clear if you look at my Pinterest hairstyles board.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

I had bangs until I was about 19 and swore I'd never go back. They were way too thick though and just emphasized my round face.

I sort of had side bangs in this funny picture. I think that was a United Colors of Benneton outfit and I remember buying it at Mayfair Mall. I thought I was so fashionable. :)


And this is the other time in my life I came close to having side bangs. Maybe it's the cowlick in the front of my hair, but I remember them not flattening out as much as I had hoped they would. Perhaps this was before I discovered an excellent flat iron though.


I'll be back on Saturday with some pics of my new hairdo. I'm kind of nervous to make a change, but hair can always grow back.

How often do you change your hairstyle?


  1. Aww Lisa, I'm so glad you liked it! I forgot to tell you that is the pumpkin bread from my recipes! I'm so glad the mug didn't break!

    That tumbler is so cool looking! 2 packages in one day, How fun!

    I think you should go for the Hayden hairstyle. There's a resemblance there.

  2. Hey there! just found your blog. The first haircut looks just like mine!!!! I have some other photos similar if you want me to send em to ya - but I didn't realize Hayden and I have the same 'do ! I think you would look fantastic with that style and cut- I love Reese's as well- similar but its up to you on length I guess!

    My bf likes short hair too! Some poll in Women's Health actually indicated that 43% of men like short hair ... interesting! I feel like longer hair makes me feel more feminine and sexy - but that comes from the inside no matter what hairdo we have !

  3. Awesome! Packages are fun. :) I adore Reese. Anything she does is cool with me. I'm sure your hair will look fab no matter what.

  4. Packages are so much fun!

    I can't wait to see what your hair looks like. I change mine up every few months by playing with the layers. I always feel like a new person with a new style :)