Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chobani Crook

On Monday, I brought a pineapple Chobani yogurt into work and never ate it. I also had a mango one there from the previous week. Oops, I guess I am a Chobani hoarder. My hoarding came back to bite me when I never ate my yogurt on Monday or Tuesday because I had to leave work early on Monday and called in sick yesterday. I caught part of Craig's nasty virus that has lasted over a week, but thanks to the flu shot, I think I have resisted getting something worse.

Anyway, when I went to get my pineapple Chobani yogurt that I was so looking forward to for lunch today, it wasn't there. I was pissed and then decided to take action. I e-mailed my department and asked if someone accidentally took it. My co-worker fessed up that he accidentally ate it and would replace it. I said, at about $1.25 a pop and it being one of my main sources of protein, I would appreciate that. I was thankful to have found the culprit and that he was super nice about it.

Have you ever had someone steal your lunch or take something of yours from the work fridge? I always fear this sort of thing happening and how I'll respond. I guess it was just better to ask and not brood in anger in my cubicle all afternoon.

The worst situation I ever witnessed was when my boss threw away my co-worker's salmon that she paid about $8 for because he thought it was moldy and old. She made him purchase a new one and was picky about the type he would buy for her. I thought to myself, "he'll learn his lesson from this, how embarrassing."

I didn't eat anything all that interesting today, except for one of the last items from my lollihop box, which was this bar. It was super tasty and had lots of fiber, so it filled me up mid-morning.


On a break at work, I was looking at Pinterest on my phone and saw avocado pasta posted. I knew that was what I wanted to have for dinner because there was an avocado ripening at home that was begging to be cut open. Turns out the recipe was from Angela at Oh She Glows, who always posts excellent recipes.


It was so easy to make (which is why her blog title for the recipe is called 15 minute creamy avocado pasta). Too bad all I had were some macaroni noodles to pair it with. It still tasted divine. It actually sort of reminded me of the flavor of guacamole. So if you love guacamole like I do, this recipe is perfect for you!

Time to go read my kindle before bed! I started the book Unbroken this week and it's a good one so far. I coincidentally keep reading books about the start of WWII. I think I need a lighter book to read next, but you take what you can get from the library overdrive system when it comes in!


Good night!

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