Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Clear Liquid Diet (I want real food so bad right now)

Probably my longest blog title ever, but this is the best way to describe how I will feel today.

I am having an EGD (upper endoscopy) and colonoscopy tomorrow. Oh joy! So that means today, I am on a clear liquid diet and am off of work. This is my second time having both procedures and about my fifth or sixth colonoscopy. Believe me, one never gets "used to" having these done nearly every year. I dread them each and every time.

But, I have to look on the positive side and say that I must go through these procedures in order for my new gastroenterologist to understand what is going on with my ulcerative colitis and esophageal ulcers.

Yesterday, I couldn't have any dairy products, milk, raw vegetables and whole grain foods. It was difficult to eat!

colonoscopy/egd instructions

This morning, I ran out to Target using this list to buy items for a clear liquid diet.

clear liquid diet instructions for endoscopies

I bought a lot of junk food, including Coca-Cola, that I don't buy that often. I splurged on some Ciao Bella coconut sorbet. I just hope it's ok and doesn't have any coconut chunks that may not count towards the clear liquid definition.

clear liquid diet food purchase

While I was writing this post, I ate tons of gummies and now I have a tummy ache, argh.

I also purchased this and am looking forward to eating it for breakfast on a whole wheat bagel when my procedure is over!

Philadelphia pumpkin spice cream cheese

My mom is taking me in tomorrow morning and we have to be there at 6:30 a.m. I feel bad that she has to get up so early, but I would rather just get the darn procedures over with.

I hope to have enough energy to read The Paris Wife on my kindle today. I am a little over a quarter of the way through and it's good so far. I have always been interested in Hemingway's life, despite the fact that he was a total jerk and womanizer. This book just confirms that thus far.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and think of me when you are eating real food! :(


  1. What a coincidence.. I han an EGD this morning! I agree with you... the no eating thing is so rough!

  2. Oh no that looks like no fun. Hope it goes well!!

  3. Family history dictates I gotta run the gauntlet every 5 years. I find the procedure is never as bad as the liquid diet and the literal pain-in-the-ass prep.

    Hope it went well!