Friday, November 4, 2011

Forcing myself to relax

Today, I woke up to a sore throat (from the EGD) and a bit of a stomach ache. Both were persisting until this afternoon, so it's a good thing I was off of work. The doctor did tell me I could go back to work, but I purposely took off today as I know how I tend to feel after those procedures.

I relaxed, read blogs, magazines, did laundry, cleaned, etc. this morning. I enjoyed watching the cats play and relax, which never seems to get old to me. I kind of forced myself to relax in between doing some chores around the house.

cats with paws angled towards each other

Karma massaging Tanzi's back. So cute and caring!

Karma massaging Tanzi

I started to crave a banana, so I sliced one in half and put some Artisana Pecan butter on top. It turned out to be a great combination.


For lunch, I had a turkey, muenster cheese, and laughing cow cheese panini with tomato soup.

panini and tomato soup

I made the panini on our Calphalon panini pan. It was one of those items that I added to our wedding registry and I remember Craig saying that we'd barely use it. I go through phases with craving paninis, but we do tend to use it a couple of times per week sometimes!

panini on Calphalon panini pan

After lunch, I was anxious to get out of the house. I had seen that Aldi had pomegranates on sale for 49 cents each, so I headed there.

Here's what I came away with (I eat the dark chocolate and Craig eats the white. Opposites attract!):

Aldi finds 11-4-11

I literally squealed with joy when I saw this bottle of Gluehwein on the shelf! I LOOOVE gluehwein and it brings me back to spending the holidays in Europe. What an adorable label that makes me want to book a trip to Germany for Christmas.

Christengel Gluehwein

Gluehwein from Aldi back of bottle

And after Aldi, I raked the front yard and part of the back until my stomach started hurting. It felt so good to be outside in fresh air and sunshine!


When Craig gets home from work, we're heading to the gym! Hooray! Craig joined the YMCA earlier this week and while he doesn't promise to go that often, it's a start. I'll take it easy today, but it will feel good to move my body.

Be Thankful Challenge

Today, I am thankful for my health and kitties. Oh and maybe Gluehwein too. :)


  1. I want your kitties!!!

    And now I want to go to Aldi and get everything you just got.

    Hope you feel better soon, sweetie :(

  2. Love the photos of Karma and Tanzi! I tried Gluehwein a few times at the German Christmas Market, and never liked it but I should probably give it another try. I also didn't like red wine nor tea back then :)

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