Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting in the holiday spirit

Happy Saturday!

I've already been to Farm and Fleet to drop off my car for new tires and an oil change. Buying new tires isn't fun, but I need them before the snow hits. There was a crazy long line to get into the tire center at 8:30 this morning. I'll just be glad when I have my car back and that chore is over with.

While walking around the store after, we spotted some pretty funny things you don't see at other places.

Like these cub and boy scout ornaments.

Or this plastic pet rat. Gross.

Last night, I did a little Christmas shopping and was happy to find items for my in-laws and my secret santa at work. I also was able to plug in my tree finally because I purchased an extension cord.


A week ago, I was feeling all "bah humbug" about Christmas. It's a stressful time of year--buying presents for others (and not knowing what to get them), lots of holiday get togethers and driving in the snow also tests my nerves. If I get presents bought early on in the month and don't have to stress about it, I start to really enjoy this time of year.

Now I am finally getting in the holiday spirit!


I lit a yummy smelling pine candle while wrapping presents.


I picked up some cute new wrapping paper at the store. I tend to like the baby blue, red and white theme better than the traditional red and green.


Since my nose was misbehaving from this cold I still have, I didn't go to the gym last night. I worked out in my living room instead doing EA Active on the Wii, which is always a fun workout that gets my legs hurting and my heart rate up when I put in the extra effort.

(I think I need to improve my squat form, that or when Craig took this picture, I was doing a calf raise with the squat so my form is a little off as a result of that).




Need to go log this workout at meals & moves now.

Time to get some work done around the house! We hope to make it to the movie Hugo in 3D this afternoon.

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