Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Scenes from my week

On Sunday, we went to a baptism and to a bowling alley for lunch after. Surprisingly, the food was great with a taco bar and then the family brought delicious buffalo chicken dip, desserts, veggies and fruit.

Here I am making my taco (my back is facing the camera, I'm the one in the bright blue sweater).

Oh and there was this Packer tree on display in the room we ate in. Too bad they lost and now all the media can do is focus on how they aren't "perfect." Being undefeated for this long is pretty cool. Ok, I don't even care about sports except for tennis, so I am ending this paragraph.


Despite the 27 grams of sugar per teaspoon, I have been enjoying this chai latte powder from Trader Joe's at work all week.


Yesterday, I raced home to catch Dr. Oz because I am a geeky blogger and was excited for Tina from Carrots N' Cakes' appearance on the show. If I hadn't read about her in Health magazine a couple of years ago, I would not be blogging today or reading blogs, I guarantee it.

Dr. Oz had these tips for eating around the holidays. I forgot what the third one was.


Then Tina was on towards the end with her cookie recipe.


And the cookie monster made an appearance too. This looks like a scene from Sesame Street.


I do want to try her Egg Nog cookie recipe though and may make it on Friday.

End geeky blogger moment.

I have been a reading machine lately! I got through a bunch of magazines this week and the pile is slowly going down.

I finished the book Blue Nights by Joan Didion today. It was short, but I finished it in two days, mostly just while reading on my bus rides to and from work.

The author has dealt with a lot of loss in her life and this book focused on the death of her daughter. It was something I may not have normally picked up and read, but I enjoyed it and Didion's reflections. Thanks to the Kindle and the lending library, I've been reading many different books lately that I may not have checked out from the regular library. Yet another story to make me think, "don't sweat the small stuff Lisa."

Besides reading, I've been good about getting to the gym this month. I increased my arm weights recently and I think I am finally noticing a difference in the definition in my arms. Hooray! Tonight, I went to the gym with Craig and we battled it out on the elliptical to see who could get more calories in before our time on the machine ended. I love going with him, it's fun. :)

Only two more days to my work week and then I am off on Friday to bake cookies and clean the house.


  1. Haha I totally have geeky blogger moments too! And if I owned a tv, I would have been racing home to catch Dr. oz as well :P

    That chai TJ's stuff is addictive. I drank it a TON in college!

  2. The trader joe's chai latte is in my pantry right now, I'm completely obsessed with it!!!

  3. woops - I meant Dr Oz - hehe - I have Dr Phil on the brain - I watched a cray cray family marathon last night - I may have nightmares ;)

  4. I saw that Dr Phil episode too and thought it was super cute. :)