Friday, December 16, 2011


Working from home was productive this morning. A lot of the work I do is via e-mail anyway, so it was easy to plop myself on the couch for four plus hours and get stuff done.

Then it was time to play! Well, not exactly. Craig took off today as well and we went to get his car an oil change. We did kind of play while the car was at the shop. We went to a pet store nearby to check out some products for Karma, who has inflamed gums. No luck in finding the perfect product for that problem. Instead, I kept finding myself going back to a brown tabby cat named Elm who was so playful and adorable. I wished we could adopt him, but three cats would be nutso. Then I would really be a crazy cat lady.

I finished the book Unbroken this afternoon. Earlier this week, I discovered my co-worker was reading it as well and we were only pages apart. He finished before me and warned that I would tear up at the end. I didn't, but I almost did. It was a good story and everyone should read it to appreciate what our veterans have gone through, especially ones who were POWs.

The story was about Louie Zamperini. Don't you want to just give him a big hug? I wanted to after I read about what he endured.


At the gym tonight, I read the January Glamour issue and ironically, saw that Demi Lovato has a new album, also called Unbroken. It kind of feels like it was the theme for the bad couple of days I had last week. I won't let the actions of others break me and my spirit.

If you do find yourself feeling broken, eat some of this and the sweet/salty combo will make you feel all better. I didn't buy it because I needed to feel better. It was on sale and because ever since we watched a documentary about Ben and Jerry, I have a lot of respect for the way they built up their business.



Time to start a new book! I am reading one that's appropriate for a food blogger.


I'll let you know how it is! My Friday night may or may not include reading part of it. I am really in the mood for a movie. Maybe some Love Actually since it's Christmas themed?

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  1. Umm... did that ice cream say fudge covered potato chip clusters?!?! That sounds like the ultimate PMS food! ha