Saturday, January 7, 2012

A nice day for a walk (or two)

Good morning! Just a quick post for you because I need to shower, get ready and then head to the salon for some highlights.

It was so nice out yesterday, so I took full advantage of it by taking two walks at work. First, I took my fifteen minute break to walk to the library to return a book and pick up two DVDs.

The second walk was during my lunch break. I worked at my desk and ate and then I headed over to Starbucks with my empty coffee bean bag tucked away in my purse.

I got a cup of the Pike's Place roast (one of my favs) and relaxed by the window.


Then I took my coffee for a walk and headed back to the office. It felt so good to get outside of my cubicle.


That cup of coffee helped me power through my Friday afternoon and get a bunch of stuff accomplished.

After quitting time, Craig and I made light mac and cheese together, I did some laundry and then we watched Horrible Bosses. It was different than we thought it would be, but we both enjoyed it.

I am looking forward to seeing The Debt tonight. It's set in Berlin and since I have been there twice and love it, I enjoy seeing movies set in the city.


I guess it's not great to talk about work in general on the blog and I do it more than I should when I am feeling down about it, but have you ever had a horrible boss?

When I lived in California, I had the worst boss and I can't believe I put up with her or that she got away with the stuff she did to me and another female co-worker. Luckily, I have had two good ones since then. One of them reads my blog and she was definitely the best and most supportive boss I have had.

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  1. Jenn (Stephens) Van HaaftenJanuary 12, 2012 at 6:54 AM

    I've had a horrible boss...'nough said...great employees to supervise though!