Monday, January 23, 2012

A week of new foods

I've been trying some new foods and a tea every day of the week so far. I love trying new food items, don't you?

Pain au chocolat rocked my Monday! Wish I could make this at home. My co-worker's wife made it and the taste of the cinnamon and chocolate had all of us women in the office ooing and aahing. Perfect PMS food if you ask me. Maybe I should try to make it this weekend?


Tuesday included a Peppermint Stick Clif bar that I got on clearance over the weekend for only $1. I was craving something sweet mid morning and half of this satisfied me.


Today, I had this Mighty Leaf Vanilla Bean tea. I'd never had Mighty Leaf tea before and this flavor was so yummy!



Thanks to a recommendation via twitter from Sarah, I tried a Pesto Cavatappi dish at Noodles & Co. tonight. Craig had a new pasta too--the Bacon, Mac and Cheesburger.


We both loved our dishes!


Plus I got to take some pasta home to have for dinner tomorrow night. Aren't their take out packages the cutest?


My husband is pretty cute too. ;)


Anyway...the fun doesn't stop there with new food this week. You see, I love German food, but I haven't been to Mader's Restaurant in Milwaukee. It's the quintessential German restaurant in town, so it's kind of crazy I've never been. My co-worker asked if I want to go there for lunch with him tomorrow and I am so excited to try it! I think I'll have to eat some meat to get a true German food experience, so I'll likely go with Chicken Schnitzel.

I've felt tired all week and failed on going to the gym the last two days. I went right after work tonight and it felt so good to get moving again.

I'll hopefully be back tomorrow night with a recap of Mader's. My co-worker doesn't know I am a food blogger, but I'll try to sneak some pictures of the place and what I have to eat.


  1. Have fun at Mader's. It's too bad the best of the best German restaurants (in my opinion), John Ernst Cafe, is closed. I was spoiled with authentic Deutsche essen made by my Oma when I was growing up, and we went to both Ernst and Mader's for German class in high school; Ernst was the closest to Oma's cooking--far better than Mader's. The Bavarian Wurst House also was a winner in my book, but it too is closed. It's quite sad that the mega restaurant that is Mader's is the only one to survive...but I think that's because they have good marketing and get groups of out-of-towners to come there... Just some thoughts. Have fun! :)

  2. That vanilla bean tea sounds yummy. I love Noodles and Co! For some reason I rarely go there though- I always forget about it.