Friday, January 20, 2012

Feeling Productive

I spontaneously took today off of work. I didn't have any meetings on my schedule and I got what I needed to get done yesterday. Plus, once I saw that we'd be getting some snow today, I told my boss that I was most likely going to take off. I banked the MLK holiday and would much rather have a Friday off than a Monday!

So, I made my list of what I wanted to get done and also thought about it on my bus ride home.

Here are some scenes from my bus ride.

Milwaukee Art Museum sort of blocked by the street lights.


Pretty church and Allen Bradley. My dad worked at Allen Bradley for 35 years and I've been wanting to get a shot like this for a while. The sun was shining perfectly on it last night.


It's nearly 11:30 and I've felt pretty productive on my day off so far.

I woke up, ate this for breakfast. Fage yogurt, wild blueberry preserves, chia seeds and coffee. Then I meditated and got to the gym.


I had a really good workout at Y today. I spent 42 minutes on the elliptical (blame HGTV for a longer workout on the machine than I initially anticipated). I lifted weights, etc. You know, the usual.

I made a protein smoothie when I got home. It included pumpkin ice cream (my husband will be happy about this because I needed to finish it up months ago), whey protein powder, almond milk, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, ginger and chia seeds.

I opened a new container of almond milk and marked it with the opening date because I tend to need a reminder to use it up.




I have some reading to get through today. Magazines that I started and never finished and a book that falls in the same category. Blame the kindle for taking me away from this reading material for a while.


The other exciting thing I did this morning was download the free version of Angry Birds and play it. Yes, I was an Angry Birds virgin before today. I hope I don't become addicted.


I also downloaded the iTunes U app and some "classes" on nutrition, German language, history, etc. Very excited to learn some new things through this awesome app.


I have so much more I want to get done today: laundry (currently doing), dishes, baking, organizing, calling a laboratory to get an appointment for the celiac sprue test I need, blogging and more! I am sure I will have to put off some of these tasks and try to accomplish them over the weekend.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

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  1. Angry Birds seems to work best on an iPad IMHO. Nice you get today off. I am debating going home early, then the kids are off Monday, so we're going to a waterpark this weekend!