Monday, January 16, 2012

Laughing so hard I was crying

Phew, glad Monday is nearly over with!

Ended my weekend by watching Bridesmaids and laughing so hard that I was literally tearing up.



Favorite quote from the movie: "Oh you live in Milwaukee, I'm sorry!"

While the movie was not filmed in Milwaukee, I loved the scenes they shot here in the beginning showing the Milwaukee Public Market, the lakefront and the Milwaukee Art Museum. I love my hometown!

Lunch today was this soup, which was pretty good! I actually am not much of a chicken soup person, but I bought this a while back with a coupon for one of these days when I was too lazy to make my lunch. I also had some veggies and an Oikos yogurt.


I had to go to Kohl's after work to get my Kohl's cash that I missed out on when the power went out in the store yesterday. I saw this towel and bought it for my mom. She uses towels like this for a craft and I told her owls are so "hot" right now. I resisted buying it for us.


When Craig got home from work, he brought in a big bag and said that he was able to take some appetizers home that were leftover from the Christmas party on Saturday. I naturally reached in the bag to see what he got and instead of appetizers, I found this!

An iPad!!! :) Well be still my Apple product loving heart.


The little jokester of a husband of mine went into work yesterday and found out from his co-worker that he had won the iPad (they drew names after we had left). He lied to me and said he didn't win, just so he could surprise me today with the news and the actual iPad in person since he didn't get it until today.


I jumped up and down in our kitchen with excitement after I got over the fact that he tricked me!

I love it and while it's so similar to all of the other Apple products we have, it's really convenient and a great size to read certain things on.


Like my blog. :) I love the way it looks on the iPad.



I'll end with this, which I saw on some blog today on my ride home from work.


Time to watch the Bridesmaids outtakes if there are any! Night!


  1. That is my favorite movie ever, what a power cast of funny ladies.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of iPad! That's an awesome raffle prize to win! You will definitely be carrying that thing everywhere and possibly fighting over it with your hubby. I love my iPad :)

  3. Looks like your kitties were enjoying Bridesmaids too!

  4. Jealous, jealous, jealous. I wanted to win an iPad this season. I really think I wpuld like one. I like my moblie phone (which is why I shouldn't buy an iPad, I am already blowing a wad of money), but it is just a bit too tiny for good web surfing. It's good for looking up in a flash, but if I want to sit on my couch, an iPad would be lighter and easier to grab than a whole big lap top (I got a big one) and/or haul myself to the computer for longer periods of websurfing.

  5. That movie looks hilarious, I want to watch it ASAP!!! I keep forgetting about it whenever we are looking for a movie to watch!

    OOOOOO on the iPad! My Mom bought herself one and I love it!