Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Library nerds

I usually take Wednesdays off from the gym and that's what I did tonight.

We made frozen cheese and potato pierogis for dinner (Bremer brand from Aldi--will definitely be purchasing again) and I had sauerkraut and brussels sprouts too. I love sauerkraut and probably could eat it every day. I am incorporating it into my dinners this week so I can use it up. Last night, I had a Rachel panini sandwich and it was delicious!


Dessert was a small bowl of Neapolitan ice cream. Karma joined me :) More like he stole Craig's spot when he got up to get dessert.


After dinner, we went to the library cause we're nerds like that. I have talked about my love of libraries on the blog before, so no need to go into that again.

I read this greek yogurt comparison in the May/June 2011 issue of Cook's Illustrated magazine and found it pretty interesting.


I was shocked to see this about my precious Chobani.


I wasn't surprised at what was "not recommended." I've tried all three brands and I didn't love Yoplait and The Greek Gods brands.


Here's what I brought home with me to read. I have an overabundance of magazines at home, but I enjoy checking out magazines that I don't subscribe to.


Love library night! I just wish I had more time to spend there. Maybe on a day off in the future.

It's getting late, so I am going to read some blogs and then a few magazines before bed.

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