Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Little things make me happy

Here are the little things in life that made me happy today.

1) Getting home from work and finding a package on my back doorstep that contained a dress I ordered online. After hunting around for a pretty winter dress in the stores, I saw this one from Ann Taylor Loft and managed to get it for 50% off (had to pay shipping though).


The best part was that as soon as I tried it on, it fit great and looked good too. The hubby gave me a certain look that meant he liked it as well. Now the only debate is whether to wear black heels or black tall boots. I guess it may depend on the weather for the occasions I plan on wearing it for--Craig's Christmas party in a week and my friend Laurie's wedding in early March.

The one bummer is that the dress only came in black, but it's classic, right?

2) I changed up my schedule tonight and hope it's going to work for me from now on. I meditated right when I got home (which I usually do) and then I went to the gym right away. It helped that I wasn't starving tonight because the Trader Joe's oatmeal I had this morning kept me feeling full the whole day.

I rowed, did the stairmaster and lifted weights. I walked on one of our new gym treadmills at the end and was happy to find that it had an iPod connector. I haven't quite figured out the machine yet, but I will eventually. It's a Matrix one that looks like this. I loved the way it felt compared to the Precor treadmills I usually hop on.


I liked the little incline and speed shifters and how they were positioned on the machine. Much easier than on other machines to change your pace and incline!

3) While I don't love that the gym is more crowded, I am happy to see some new faces and people trying to get healthier in the new year. I just hope they stick with it and develop a routine that works with their lifestyle.

4) Clementines. Best winter fruit that cheers me up when I eat it.


5) Lots of greek yogurt stocked in our fridge makes this girl very happy. :)


On that note, I am going to have my dessert of plain Chobani with a little Bonne Maman wild blueberry preserves and pomegranate seeds while I catch up on your blogs.

What's made you happy lately?