Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mader's, So Delicious dessert and Sendik's

After a hectic morning at work that involved my phone ringing and lots of e-mails to attend to, I wasn't so sure I should step away from my desk and go to lunch with my co-worker, but I am glad I did. I needed that walk we took to the restaurant, the fresh air and the feeling of getting away from the office.

Mader's featured a cool interior complete with armor, weapons, art work...


And signed portraits from many famous people who have visited the restaurant, including John Candy. Apparently his ghost blocked out the part I wanted to capture and I didn't realize it until I was back at my desk. He signed it and wrote "your portions are too small."


I didn't want to be weird by taking pictures of my food. To start, we had yummy broccoli and cheese soup paired with pretzel rolls, which were really good. I ordered the stuffed portabella, which according to their menu is sautéed and stuffed with spinach, roasted red peppers, and Provolone. It was served with spätzle and red pepper coulis. The portabella was great and I am glad I ordered it over the Chicken Schnitzel, even if it wasn't a very "German" choice.

My one complaint about my meal is this: I looked down at my plate when it arrived and wondered what the little white things were. It was spaetzle. Totally nothing like any spaetzle I've ever had and not in a good way. I have had it made by a German in her home, at a restaurant in Berlin, Germany and I have made it myself using noodles from Aldi and a recipe found on the package. This was just a weird thing and believe me, there wasn't anything else for that thing on my plate to be. No noodles coated with cheese and flavored with a slight touch of fried onions.

I had to leave work a little early to get to an eye appointment. A couple of weeks ago, I tried out some new contact lenses and this was my recheck. They were working out pretty well until today when one was feeling funky and scratchy. I wish I could just get laser eye surgery and be done dealing with contacts. So, maybe I will sometime in the near future.

I arrived back to the park and ride earlier than I expected, so I headed to Sendik's on my way. Score! I was supposed to stop there after my eye appointment, so I got out my coupons and list and managed to get in and out of there in about 10 minutes.

Using a free coupon provided to me by the company, I got some of this deliciousness.


It was so creamy and tasty! Craig loved it too. Thanks So Delicious! Can't wait to try some other new products from the company. My one beef would be the price. This little container was $5.65.


I picked up my favorite cheese probably ever from Sendik's too. Maybe I was still in the mood for that German food flavor I love so much?


I enjoyed a slice tonight on a Wasa after my meditation session.


Craig and I got to the gym tonight and he discovered the magic of House Hunters on the gym TV (we don't have cable). :) I told him that I have learned a lot from the show and will be well prepared when we go to look for a new house down the road. He also discovered how time flies when you're watching a cool show that you like a lot.

Time to read a book or a magazine before bed. I get to sleep in tomorrow but the trade off is that I have to work until midnight.


  1. That lunch sounds delicious! I love portabellos.

    So delicious ice cream is heavenly, but yes pricey. I usually wait until summer to enjoy it.

  2. I cannot believe how inexpensive that piece of cheese was. A similar sized piece would set me back at least 7$ in my neck of the woods!

  3. Wow, I better appreciate the cheap price! I guess being from a big dairy state helps keep the price low.