Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yesterday: Bridal Shower and our last holiday party

Yesterday was very busy. I forced myself to sleep in a little because I was still exhausted from working until midnight. I am happy to say that my event at work went well, so I didn't wake up stressed or mad.

I picked up Bridesmaids and Plenty (a vegetarian cookbook) at the library on Friday. Going to watch Bridesmaids tonight and I am so excited!


Coffee in the morning included this coffee creamer, which isn't my favorite. I usually just use half and half, but once in a while, I like to mix things up.


All I felt like for breakfast was a Chobani yogurt so that's what I had.


After showering and getting ready, it was time for my friend Laurie's bridal shower at Mo's Irish Pub in Wauwatosa. The bride-to-be is in the middle of the picture below.


My friends colored pictures of Laurie and Todd.





Cake pops (red velvet and I think peanut butter) were the favors. Yum! I had them this morning and they were divine.


All of us girls.


I kind of like this funny picture that wasn't planned. Much more natural and funny than the first.


Can't wait for Laurie and Todd's March 3rd wedding!


After a short nap, I got ready for Craig's work Christmas party and here we are in our finest. :) The funny thing is that this is also the outfit I am most likely wearing for Laurie and Todd's wedding.


The party was at the Broadlands Golf Club in North Prairie. I ordered a vegetarian dish and everyone was jealous of what I had! It was spinach and asparagus ravioli. Much better than the pork, mashed potatoes and cooked veggies (although I ate Craig's veggies). I loved the dessert we had best. It was a chocolate cake filled with chocolate creme paired with ice cream on the side. I also had two glasses of Merlot and it felt good to end my crazy busy week with some alcohol.

There were some awesome prizes up for grabs and we missed the announcement of who won what. I hope that Craig goes into work on Monday to find out that he won one of the two iPads up for grabs!

And phew, the busy week is over! Yesterday's events were fun, but I am just glad I don't have to work late anytime this week.

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  1. So glad to read that you had an awsome time, my best wishes for the upcoming wedding! Hugs.