Monday, February 13, 2012

Iron Cupcake Milwaukee

A week ago, I was very excited to have won tickets from Boswell Book Company to the Iron Cupcake event. My friend Kim loves cupcakes, so it was only natural that I chose her to come along with me today!

I headed over to Downer Avenue to Boswell Books to pick up my tickets, but alas, they had them at the event. It gave me an excuse to see the lovely independent book shop and browse books for a while.

Craig and I will have to head over to this side of town sometime as I had never been over there before. Maybe we'll catch a documentary at the Downer Theater sometime.


As you can see from my ticket, the theme of today's Iron Cupcake was Wisconsin Eye-Candy.


It was held at Discovery World, in the Pilot House room that offers beautiful views of the lake and the city.


The themes and creativity were excellent! I am sorry I didn't snap more photos.

Up North cupcakes. This was the first one I tried. Pretzels, fish shaped cracker on top, etc.




The second cupcake I tried was a hazelnut one from the Laura Ingalls Wilder booth.


I love hazelnut anything, so I enjoyed the true hazelnut flavor of this cupcake. I think it was advertised as chocolate hazelnut and I didn't get much of a chocolate flavor in my mouth.


Root beer cupcakes. Kim had this one first.


Here she is with it!


In action!


The last cupcake Kim tried and loved was this gluten and dairy free one.


I was indecisive about my third choice, so I consulted the board and went to the booths that were being voted on by others as their favorites. I discovered a Door County cherry cupcake booth, but they were all out. I am so sad I missed that on our first walk through. Now I have to try to create one at home!


The custard booth was a cute idea (custard=frozen dessert in Wisconsin), so I went with my gut reaction because I love frozen custard. I liked it, but it wasn't my favorite.


The event had a cookbook auction and these adorable sheep treats are on the cover of one of the cookbooks. Couldn't resist snapping a photo of them!


People seemed to be experts at attending the event. They brought containers to put their cupcakes in and obviously had purchased extra tickets.

I enjoyed going with Kim and am so happy I got to experience a foodie event like this one in Milwaukee.


  1. How fun! The fish cupcakes are adorable!!!

  2. I checked out Iron Cupcake yesterday as well! My group's favorite were the cranberry cupcakes from the team #25, the bakers on the right side of the room.