Friday, February 17, 2012

Lunch and Costco with mom

I haven't hopped on my laptop much this week, so that means I've been slacking on the blog front! Sorry about that!

It was a busy week at work, so I have been consuming lots of Yogi Green Tea Kombucha, which comes along with some lovely positive messages.


Tried a new Luna bar flavor this week. Loved it!



Mid week, my flat iron broke. The plates no longer heated up. As a result, I was left with some pretty awful hair. I didn't realize how much I depended on the flat iron to make my hair flat and frizz free.

I did lots of research on ghd and was pretty close to purchasing one. We'll see as further along in the post, you'll discover why I might wait.


It was a beautiful sunny Saturday here! Makes me so happy to see the sun (and some cumulus clouds) when I barely see it throughout the week.


I met my mom for lunch at Cafe Manna today. I started with limonade and we munched on the crackers and hummus.


Mom got the Cafe Manna burger (made of lentils). Her only complaint was that it was messy to eat.


I tried something new and got a raw vegetable wrap, which was delicious. Here's the restaurant's description of it: A soft dehydrated veggie tortilla filled with crisp fresh vegetables, creamy avocado, nut cheese, pepitas and sunflower seeds. Served with raw dill “potato” salad.


After lunch, it was off to Costco with mom. I spent way too much money, but a lot of what I bought will last us a while or they were bigger things, like this Conair curling wand and flat iron.

I originally went to Costco thinking I would buy a curling wand like this if they had it. I had seen it on Janetha's blog last year and her curls looked so pretty!

I was very excited to see that it also came with a flat iron! I'll try it out and see if it works well.


Here are pictures of my food purchases. I also picked up some Cetaphil, tan Kenneth Cole pants, tortilla chips, Fage yogurt and Ecos laundry detergent. We tried lots of yummy samples too. :) Love Costco!



Apparently the idea of aging is scary to me because I bought so many products that are high in antioxidants!


On my way home, I drove through a subdivision to check out some new houses. It has a model home that I admire the pictures and floorplans of in the Sunday newspaper. Turns out, my mom likes the houses in this subdivision too and I had no idea until I told her I stopped in there to look around. I wish we could buy a brand new house and move soon. We really could, but I think we'll stay in our current house a couple more years to save some money.

Isn't she a beauty? All I want in a new house is a dishwasher, bigger kitchen, walk-in pantry and a garage to put my car into! That's not asking too much, is it?


This one was pretty too.


I had to try out my new toy when I got home! I think I curled a little close to my roots, but I'll experiment and figure out what works. I like the curling wand style so far though! It's so weird not to clamp down, but it's great because I don't have those crimped ends to worry about.



Gotta go meditate and then watch part of Midnight in Paris!


  1. Lisa! The hair looks amazing! Gorgeous- I think I will have to try that curling wand. Glad you liked the new Luna. Can't wait til our next WF shopping trip. XOXO

  2. I like that quote on the teabag, I try to live by that sort of thing. I think everyone should have to have that as a tattoo on their hand so they always remember it.

  3. I've never been to Costco! I want to go to one so bad, but the nearest one is Middleton. :/