Saturday, February 4, 2012

Moe's is meh

This weekend flew by! It didn't help that I was barely home. I am staying home today and catching up on stuff around the house. It feels good to relax too!

On Friday night, we went out to get some quick Mexican food at Moe's Southwest Grill. I had read reviews that it was not so great, but we decided to see why.

Craig had a quesadilla and it was tasty. I wish I had ordered that instead.

I got a burrito with tofu and veggies on a whole wheat tortilla. The best way to describe it is that it tastes like a burrito anyone can make at home. While I was happy to have tofu as a protein option on my burrito, it didn't taste all that great. I would have rather had some roasted veggies.

I think I'll stick to Qdoba. I actually prefer Chipotle for their flavor and business practices, but there isn't one that close to where we live, so Qdoba it is when the craving strikes for Mexican fast food.


I worked yesterday and mid-morning, I had this Mighty Leaf Chocolate Mint Truffle tea. It had a delicious flavor.


After work, I napped and freshened up before I went to my friend Laurie's bachelorette party. I ate dinner there because I didn't have time to do so at home. No pictures were taken, but I enjoyed toppers cheese sticks with dip, buffalo chicken dip (my fav) with celery and crackers and a very tasty kalamata olive, capers and artichoke dip made by my friend Kim. I was too tired to go out to the bars downtown after 9 p.m., so I headed home and it felt good to crawl into bed and rest.

Maybe you'll think we're a bunch of weirdos, but the biggest laugh I got all night was watching this video on my phone. A conversation went from the Ricky Martin version of Sexy and I Know It on Glee to this. :)


Today, I did the usual Sunday routine and we went to the gym to get that over with. I had a good elliptical workout, lifted some weights and showed Craig my moves on the BOSU. :)

Lunch was very French. I tried some of the Ile de France items and a pink lady apple all sliced up. It wouldn't be a proper French lunch without some wine, so I poured myself a little helping of Merlot.


I finally found a Blood Orange chobani, so that was my dessert after lunch. I loved this flavor. Craig tried a bite and said it tastes like a dreamsicle.



My other dessert was an oreo chocolate truffle. I scored some from Kim last night. Yum! It tastes like a cake pop.


I'm off to read some blogs, the newspaper, a book, etc. until I need a nap. We're not watching the Super Bowl, so it's just a regular Sunday around here.

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  1. I love oreo truffles and they're pretty easy to make --- the only problem is they're also really easy to eat LOL!