Sunday, February 12, 2012


Most boring blog title ever, but I am not feeling the creativity flowing today.

Here's what my weekend looked like:

Had the passion fruit flavor of Chobani yesterday. Good thing I read warnings of how odd the yogurt looked because otherwise I would have thought it was moldy.

Not my favorite. I definitely liked blood orange best out of all three new flavors.


I worked until midnight on Friday. For my dessert, I mixed this Fig spread into plain greek yogurt and granola. It was a tasty combination!


Since my sleep cycle was off, I was so tired and achy on Saturday. I tried to read part of The Tiger's Wife but ended up napping after a while.


To get rid of some produce, I blended up a smoothie consisting of spinach, a banana, blueberries and almond milk. This, along with the chobani yogurt, was pretty much my lunch on Saturday.


I felt like making something simple this morning and these Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookie Dough Bites had been on my mind all week.



They turned out pretty good. I probably could have added a bit more of the wet ingredients to help them stick together better.


And sadly, we didn't win the big Powerball jackpot, so it's back to work tomorrow instead of living out our/my dreams of quitting my job, moving to Hawaii, and retiring for the rest of our lives. :(


This afternoon, I'm off to Iron Cupcake Milwaukee with my friend Kim and Whole Foods afterward! Be back later with a recap!

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