Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wellness at work

My co-workers and I are started a three month wellness program at work yesterday. I am very excited as it will provide me with some extra motivation to keep eating healthy and exercising. There are two components--tracking steps each day (we are virtually walking to a particular location) and weight loss. I stay around the same weight and don't expect to lose much, if any, over the three months. As a result, I'll just be participating in the activity portion and if I happen to lose weight, then great!


The program is actually based on information from my husband's work wellness program. I sent over details and spreadsheets to our HR director and she thought certain aspects of their program could be applied well to my workplace. We received free pedometers from the YMCA for tracking our steps. There are also activity equivalents to convert into steps. We will receive healthy recipes and tips each week, which excites this fitness and nutrition nerd! :)

Unlike my husband's work, we have no incentive for prizes or wellness money towards fitness products. :( Despite that fact, it has already been a bonding experience for us who are participating and it gives us something fun and other than work to discuss "around the water cooler."

In the e-mail she sent out to all participants, our HR director gave me credit for giving her the information from Craig's work. Since then, I've sort of become one of the unofficial point people on the program. A co-worker called me this morning about interpreting his activity on the treadmill into steps, etc. I told him, "I wish I could do this sort of thing as a job as I just get so excited about it!" Another co-worker asked for my advice later in the day.

Does your work have a wellness program and if so, does it offer incentives other than the fact that you'll get healthier?

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  1. Nope, no wellness incentive at my work. No surprise there. Of course, in good weather, you know I have lots of places to walk and the new location of my office affords me the chance to easily walk to some of the places I have to get to. There was a program at the place I worked in the Chicago area, with prizes...