Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yoga makes me :)

It's amazing how one hour of yoga can make me feel. If I am ever having a bad day, yoga is the cure. I didn't have a bad day, I was just stressed per usual and sick of sitting in front of the computer at work. Yoga stretched all of my body parts out, made me forget about the things that irritate me and made me feel so happy. After yoga, my body wanted to run, so I walked the track and ran a few laps.

I wore a new lululemon tank top for class tonight and because I was cold, I covered it up with a sweatshirt. It was still really comfortable and flattering.


I ordered it from the we made too much section about a month ago. Free shipping and I could pay with some of the money I earned from my blog with pay pal! Score! I know it's great to treat yourself to massages or pedicures/manicures for working out all month. I prefer to treat myself to a new workout top once in a while.

Three other things made my evening happy. One was that my new favorite magazine arrived in the mail. Whenever I page through it for a quick glance through, I always feel like Whole Living offers brand new and refreshing material compared to other magazines.


The second thing is that when I got home from the gym, my handy husband was in the basement and thinks he fixed our furnace! We feared calling someone out or even having to buy a new one. It has worked intermittently over the last month or so. I am so happy my husband is a hands-on learner (unlike me) and is used to fixing things from the career he is in.

Third--let's just say that Chelsey of Clean Eating Chelsey is the sweetest blogger ever and she knows why. :)

And off to read a few blogs and my newest book. As Gretchen Rubin's quote of the day for today said:

"If a man wants to read good books, he must make a point of avoiding bad ones; for life is short, and time and energy limited."— Schopenhauer

I started The Tiger's Wife on my kindle today. It's never great to start a new book when you're tired, but I got through a good portion on the bus this morning and it's interesting so far.

Does yoga make you feel wonderful? Or do you get that same feeling from running?


  1. Yoga and running make a great marriage! Love this post! I just did an hour powerflow class tonight, felt great! But I've had to watch the downward dogs because I had my wisdom teeth out. My yoga instructor was great with making sure I wasn't over doing it. Love yoga, Love running, Love cycling!

  2. I might be biased but nothing makes me feel so good as yoga :) I've been a gymnast for 13 years and eventually got tired of the focus being on the outside rather than the inside, if that makes sense. I just love yoga and the power it has to transform people's lives.

  3. How do you get started in yoga? I would really like to try, but I'm just not sure what to do to get started. Maybe some of your other readers have suggestions.

  4. I get mad at my heart rate monitor when it says I didn't work hard enough during a yoga session, but I don't care. Yoga has so many other benefits! You look amazing in the top!