Friday, March 23, 2012

Challenging Week and Hunger Games

I've been MIA all week. So what was I up to? Getting my eye numbed (had eye pain for about 5 days and finally got it checked out), tough talks about the future of my career, updating my resume, taking lots of walks outside, going to the dentist and working until midnight last night. It was a challenging week for other reasons too, mostly involving work, which led to a very sleepless night and tired Thursday.

I didn't make it to the gym a lot. I did get there yesterday and had part of a Larabar before my workout. Ironically, while running on the treadmill, I watched a Joy Bauer segment on the Today Show about not needing to eat before working out. She said it was actually counterproductive, but recommends something small like a banana. Joy also recommended having caffeine about a half hour before your workout.


Lunch was a scrambled egg, asparagus and a roma tomato.


I also tried some new protein powder as a recovery drink. My sweet co-worker brought it in for me to try out since she knows I am always trying to make sure I get enough protein in my diet. It was tasty!


This morning, we went to the bank to update one of Craig's accounts. While waiting for the banker, I got to use a Keurig for the first time! I loved it. I think one would be so nice for an office. The coffee was delicious!


After the bank, we went to Oak Creek and got a free lunch. I'll write a review tomorrow as we felt so lucky to get a nice big meal for nothing!

And then it was Hunger Games time! I haven't been this excited for a movie in a while. :)


I gave it two thumbs up! I loved the book though and think the adaptation was a good one. Craig liked it too and he had only read half of the book...mind you, the first half which is more boring than the second.


I loved the actors in the movie and the sets.


We stopped at Target after the movie and I found this finally. Hooray!


I purchased the Raspberry Fudge Chunk and tried it when we got home. It was pretty tasty. :)


We haven't been home all day, so I am glad I can relax a little tonight and look into some things. Once I know more about my future, I'll clue you in with my decision. I am excited, but a little nervous too.

Hope you had a fabulous Saturday!

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