Saturday, March 3, 2012

Power outage and Chobani winner

The lucky winner of the new Chobani flavors is...Sarah from Sarah Learns! You were lucky #19. Sarah, e-mail me your address and I will send it off to my Chobani contact. :)

I would have picked the winner last night, but around 6:45 p.m., the power flickered off and on multiple times and we lost power. I wasn't in the mood to do much mostly because I was worried about when the power would come back on.

We have had a very mild winter here in Wisconsin, but the drive home last night was sloppy.



I came home to goodies on my door step though! White Girl salsa is the sweetest. I received that package last Saturday with broken jars and I cut my finger on the glass. They made up for it by sending me two jars of mild tomatillo that were delivered unbroken!


Tried it last night and it was yummy!


Isn't this the most clever and cute note? They even attached band aids! Loved it! Thanks White Girl Salsa.


When the power went out, I decided to read by candlelight. Don't know if I have ever done that! I am loving Jillian Michaels' Unlimited. I'm about halfway through, so I'll do a review when I am done.


We bundled up for bed with all of the blankets we own and both couldn't really sleep that well. Around 2 a.m., the power came back on which was such a huge relief. It had been 60 degrees in our house. Pretty cold!

This morning, I got my haircut and the stylist gave me some cute curls since I am going to my friend Laurie's wedding tonight!


Here's a shot of my neighborhood for the March Photo a Day.


Time to paint my nails, get my outfit ready and maybe take a nap before Laurie's wedding!


  1. Congrats Sarah! We had power flickers here last night in MI, the wind was crazy!

  2. awe your hair looks really pretty all curled :)

  3. Beautiful winter pictures...but I'm sure it was not lovely being in it.

    That is a very cute note! Enjoy the wedding!

  4. You hair looks sooo pretty! We didn't get any snow at all this weekend here in Illinois - just a lotta rain.

  5. You should do your hair like that every day. So terribly cute!