Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Good Tuesday

It was one of those days where I was just happy all around, which feels good. I am excited as I heard back from someone at a local gym and we're going to meet on Friday morning (I am taking off of work, yay) to talk about becoming a personal trainer. I am still in the research phase, but that is one of the things I am considering doing if I change careers.

Color was the theme for yesterday's photo a day for April. The brightest thing in my office was this picture of the beautiful campus of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire from a calendar.


Mail was the photo of today and this is what we received in our mailbox and on our doorstep. I ordered some things from Alice (gotta support Wisconsin businesses) and then we got a magazine from our animal hospital. Love how it says "Top Ten Tips for Karma this spring." Craig took Karma there when we initially learned about his lung problem.


So what did I order from Alice? Some rise bars I have never tried before, two Annie's Naturals salad dressings, eco friendly dish soap, a deodorizer to place by the cats' litter boxes and coffee. I think the prices were great for these items, especially for the bars. I had digital coupons from their site for each item, so my overall total was pretty low.


I am very excited to try this coffee because it's low in acid. With having colitis, I seem to get acid reflux problems and coffee doesn't always help that, especially any acidic kinds. I need my coffee, so I am not willing to give it up (yet).


I was in a rush after I got home from work tonight. I had to meditate, then started dinner right away because I knew I had to eat before I got to the 6:30 yoga class.

I made some Gardein fake chicken tenders and cut up a sweet potato for some fries.


I followed Tina from Carrots 'N Cake's instructions for making sweet potato wedges, which made it really easy to throw together in no time.


Dessert was a plum, which is one fruit I need to buy more often!


Yoga tonight felt wonderful. My muscles felt huge for some reason and looked that way in the mirror. Definitely have built up some decent arm muscles lately. :)

Time to get some dishes washed before bed! I also want to squeeze in some time to read The Violets of March because I am halfway through it and it's getting really interesting.


I have a different work day tomorrow as I am promoting some programs at a local fair from mid afternoon into the evening, so I get the morning off to sleep in and hit the gym. I am just glad to get a change of scenery for a day!


  1. very cool that you're meeting with a trainer - i hope everything goes well with that!

    i read violets of march last year and loved it! there's so much mystery in the story.