Saturday, April 14, 2012

Arms & abs

Despite my injury, we went to the gym yesterday and I was determined to get my heart rate up by doing weights and abs. I was successful with my goal and happy to get moving, even if it wasn't by doing any cardio. I focused on my arms and abs since anything with my legs was pretty much not possible (except leg press with my good leg and one hip exercise).

I ate steel cut oats with berries while reading Whole Living before we went to the gym.


I snacked on some greek yogurt when we got home from the gym and then I had a big salad for lunch. I added broccoli, red peppers, tomatoes, cottage cheese and mozarella cheese to a bed of spinach. I mentioned my renewed love for cottage cheese in Friday's post. The other thing I've been doing lately is adding it to salads since it's something I discovered from our salad bar at work.


Topped it all with Green Goddess Annie's dressing. Not quite as good as just the "Goddess dressing" but it was still tasty.


Dessert was a Reese's egg. I hadn't had one this year, so I was tempted by the 70% off sale on them at Target this week.


Yesterday's photo a day challenge included capturing "how I was feeling." Instead of a semi-sad face portrait, Craig suggested I take a picture of my foot since I was feeling defeated with my injury. It was a nice day out and I couldn't be active. :(


While making dinner, I drank some Titanic Lakefront Brewery beer. It's been in our fridge since 2009, so it was about time to drink it. I tend to drink beer more when the temps get warm, but otherwise I am more of a wine girl.

Anyway, I figured it was also time to drink it since this weekend is the 100th anniversary of the sinking.

Titanic Pilsner beer, Lakefront Brewery


I cooked up some quinoa for us for dinner. I added tofu topped with soy sauce to my dish with roma tomatoes. Craig added chicken pieces to his.

Quinoa, tofu and roma tomatoes; beer

I've missed taking pictures with my Canon DSLR, so I got it out this weekend and will try to get back into using it more often instead of just for special occasions like vacations. Inevitability, I shot some cute pictures of the cats, so I'll share those. If you hate cats, I'm sorry. :)

Here's Karma, who is usually the one I take the most pictures of because he is usually the silly one.


The rest are of Tanzi, who was the comedian this weekend. He was biting his comb after Craig cut the cats' nails.

Tanzi and comb



cute kitty

I didn't go anywhere yesterday and felt pretty sleepy all day. We're going to get out of the house after lunch to head to Penzey's (free spice redemption, yay), Starbucks to get a free drink by handing in an empty bag and to Barnes and Noble to look around. I hope the storms that are supposed to come through this afternoon aren't too bad! They were really loud last night.

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  1. So sorry about your foot :(
    I'm not a fan of cats because I can't breathe after being in the same room as one or someone who has been around one...but they are really cute!