Friday, April 20, 2012

New magazine and a visit to Taj Mahal

I received this new magazine called Experience Life in the mail yesterday and I am in love already. I won a subscription and I couldn't be more excited to have something fresh to read. I am quite the magazine collector, but I am determined to read these cover to cover and pass them onto my mom or health conscious co-worker.


I read a few articles while waiting for my smart husband to fix a server last night. We had to drive the forty minutes out to his work so he could fix it. Poor guy. That's when I am glad my job doesn't require such things.


I had physical therapy after work today and I got the clearance to have this be my last session! I biked for 8 minutes, used the rubberband to move my ankle to the right and then to the left, went up on my tip toes a bunch of times and I balanced pretty steadily for a while. I guess all of my resting this week paid off. Oh and she left me with the pain patch below, which I have to wear for six hours.

Since I stayed on my butt most of the week, I was ready to hit the gym after therapy! I was still very careful with my foot though and kept it safe by walking on the treadmill, lifting weights and balancing on the bosu. I can't wait for some longer gym sessions this weekend.


And because I was craving Indian food earlier this week, Craig suggested we go out for Indian food tonight and I can never pass up that opportunity! Did you think we really went to the Taj Mahal because of my title? I wish! That is one place I have always dreamed of traveling to. The restaurant we went to was called the Taj Mahal (local readers--it's in Hales Corners and always very good).

We shared a Mango Lassi. I let Craig drink most of it because I didn't want to get too full from the drink.



I got "the usual" which is Paneer Tikka Masala. The menu now calls it Paneer Butter Masala though and it was quite buttery tasting.


Yum! We can never get Indian food without ordering naan too. So good! If I was able to choose my last meal on earth, this would be it.


The night is still young so I'm going to sign off! I'll be back sometime over the weekend. Have a lovely Friday evening.

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