Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spa, zoo and sugar

So I didn't disappear this weekend because we won the lottery. :( Craig's work pool won about $7 by my estimates. I just felt like living and not blogging about it the whole time (even though I am taking some time to do it now). Here's what I was up to.

Hit the grocery store on my way home on Friday and found this new to me yogurt. It tasted like mango lassis, which I adore.


Had a relaxing facial on Saturday morning. It was one of the best I have ever had and I probably haven't had one in about three years. I got massaged, relaxed and peeled (my first peel ever). My skin felt fantastic after and still has a nice glow. My facialist said she has never seen anybody smile as much as I did through the treatment. I guess I was happy!

Post-facial glow. Well I could see it at least.


After the spa, I met my friend Danielle and her daughters to go to the Milwaukee County Zoo.


Me with my buddy Taylor. She had been talking about having sandwiches with me since Wednesday. And that we did. She had a lunchable and I brought an almond butter and strawberry rhubarb sandwich to the zoo.


In one of my favorite exhibits--the birds!


Baby Kiersten, who is super mellow and such a good baby.


In my other favorite exhibit--the cats! This jaguar was looking pretty vicious.


The lions were so much fun to watch. The cubs were trying to wake up their daddy and were playing just like our domestic cats do. :)


Made enchiladas for dinner! We made them with beef, which I seriously have never cooked in this house. Craig has made stuff on the grill, but I refuse to cook the meat. I'll eat it, but it grosses me out to see it in it's raw form. Next time I will make tofu enchiladas.


For the last march photo of the day, I took a picture of the little corner of our couch I relax on. I blog from here and read the newspaper or books here.


We watched Moneyball on Saturday night and had some of this deliciousness for dessert. Neither of us loved Moneyball. Good story and acting. It's just that baseball isn't our thing (if it was about tennis, now that would be totally my thing).


Played with the kitties, of course. Tanzi was trying to get a rubberband.


The first April photo of the day was reflection. Here's me in my Sunday scrubby state. I showered after the gym, but didn't bother to brush my hair or put any makeup on. My shirt says "Wisconsin, Smell Our Dairy Air." Love it!


Gave myself a manicure and it was a little sloppy. I made the tips sparkly.


And finally, was so excited to watch the 60 minutes special on sugar. A year ago, a nutrition class I went to at the YMCA actually talked about how sugar would be the next big topic in nutrition. That registered dietitian was right! Now I am checking all nutrition labels and will be trying to cut back on my consumption.

Hope you had a good weekend! I say this every Sunday, but I can't believe how quickly the weekend flew by. I wish I was like my husband and had off this Friday. Maybe I'll take off to extend my holiday weekend.


  1. Pretty girls! I saw that story on sugar. I do believe sugar is a toxin. It was very addictive, and a hard habit to break.

  2. I sampled that yogurt this weekend at Sendik's ... yummy!

  3. Bummer I missed that story on sugar, I'll have to see if I can watch it online. I really do believe sugar is a toxin and should be monitored closer than it is, it's a really hard habit to break!

  4. i love the milwaukee zoo! we took lots of family trips there when i was little, but it's been a long time since i've been back!