Monday, April 23, 2012

Today I learned...

...that it’s not fun to get to work and realize you left your well planned lunch out on the counter and ruined a perfectly good yogurt as a result.

But it is fun to get Subway, take a walk outside to get there and just get away from the office in general, especially on a Monday. Photo a Day (vegetable) was fulfilled with lots of veggies in my ham and cheese sub.


Organic apples always taste so much better than non-organic. These were the same price per pound as the apples I usually buy, so I really need to go to Outpost or other places that sell organic produce at a reasonable price.


German (well European) candy is so much better than American, especially because the German chocolate unexpectedly contained some rum! I felt so naughty eating it at work, but didn’t realize it had rum in it until after the fact. I was just looking at the Ritter Sport brand and didn’t notice the flavor.


A former co-worker of mine visited from Germany last week and she is always kind enough to think of us and bring some German candy, so I indulged a little today.

My favorite flavor of Milka-noisette!


I swear the Haribo gummy bears taste different too.


I learned a bit about Catherine the Great today while starting this biography on her. So many good books to read and so little time. I've decided I need to do less spending time on my iPhone on the bus and more time reading. I sometimes feel too tired for it though!

I read the book on my way home and literally gasped, as someone with my pretty rare maiden name was mentioned multiple times. It gives this geneaology geek something to look forward to researching. :)


While watching the news tonight, I learned something new. That resistance training does more for senior citizens' brains than meditating or cardio. Keep exercising mom and dad, especially by lifting weights in your Silver Sneakers classes! On that note, I'm going to lift some weights at the gym myself.

What did you learn today?


  1. i spent some time in germany in high school and fell in LOVE with german candy. i stock up now every time i go to world market. :) hanuta is my favorite!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm happy to connect with a fellow Wisconsinite!
    I started the Catherine the Great book last week but knew there was no way I'd be able to plough through in time to get it back to the library. I will have to check it out again this summer when I'll have more time to read it.