Thursday, May 31, 2012

Checking in

Interviewing for this job has been consuming all of my time and energy lately! I got through to the second interview, so it's back to studying some more.

Over the weekend I studied in the sun...


Made this dessert from She's on the Run for a cookout my sister-in-law hosted on Memorial day.


Saw a Today show segment on acing a job interview about two hours before my actual interview. I know I tend to be too rehearsed with my responses and that was one of the negative comments the interviewer had about candidates.


I setup my interview station, complete with my resume taped on our computer monitor, the job description taped on the desk and my notes down below. Oh and some water to sip on throughout, which I needed desperately!


I snacked on a sample of these that came in the mail--they were pretty tasty!


And I got my thank you card out to my interviewer right away. I don't believe e-mail thank yous are appropriate, even in this technology savvy society we live in. I did thank my interviewer when confirming the second interview time, but I hope she's impressed when she gets a card from me this week.


Anyone have a funny job interview story to share? I could use some humor since my life has been so serious lately!

I won't be checking in again until Sunday or Monday. My Friday and Saturday will be spent in Madison on a Wisconsin Cheese tour and I can't wait to recap it on the blog and share what I learned and ate with all of you lovely readers! I am so thankful to the Wisconsin Cheese Board for sponsoring this trip. I get to meet some fellow WI bloggers too. :)


  1. I'm so happy that you tried the bars :) I've only been at my current position since February, so I just came off a bunch of interviews. Here's a tip: don't put on gel deodorant if you have a sheer blouse on. I learned that the hard way!

  2. Just found out today that I have three interviews next week. It's so stressful to prepare, but hopefully it'll all be worth it...for both of us :)

  3. good luck!! sending you some positive vibes!!

  4. GOOD LUCK WITH THE JOB! It was great to meet you this weekend. Crossing my fingers for ya!!

  5. Hope your interviews went well last week! I saw that segment on the Today show as well and wanted to show it to my husband before he interviews this week. I can't tell from the pic you have posted what day that segment aired, do you happen to know?

  6. Hi Kelly--thanks for your question. It was on Wednesday, May 30th. Hope your husband does well on his interview!