Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday recap

I got highlights and a haircut at a new salon. I loved my stylist and I'll be back to see her.

I enjoyed some Aveda comforting tea while I waited.


The end result--a lot shorter (I think I got about two or three inches off) and a little darker, with warmer highlights like I asked for. This will be much easier to dry in the morning! As an added bonus, my husband prefers my hair shorter and he was ecstatic to see that I got so much off the ends.


I checked out the Outpost in Bayview after. It was my first time to that location and it was such a nice store. I liked the layout better than the Tosa one for some reason. I wish we had an Outpost on my side of town!


I liked how this church in Bayview said "kirche," the German word for church.


After finishing one of the worst movies we have seen in a while, J. Edgar, we headed over to New Berlin. We split a chicken burrito for lunch and enjoyed some chips and salsa.

I like my husband's happy Qdoba face here (he was brushing the salt from the chips off of his hands I think).


And yet another hubby shot--us reading magazines at the library. I felt like we were a retired couple just hanging out at the library on a Friday afternoon. :)


Then it was time for Starbucks' frappucino happy hour! I had the new Mocha Cookie Crumble flavor to satisfy my chocolate cravings. I liked this drink because despite what you may think from the name, it didn't taste overly sweet.


I liked the chocolate flavored whip cream too.


We ran a bunch of errands and then hit the gym to burn off those frappucinos!

Today flew by with a trip to the New Berlin Farmer's market (opening weekend = a very small market) and more errands. We're on the hunt for a filing cabinet for me and it's not been easy to find one I/we like.

I've been eating a lot of junk today and we're having salads for dinner to balance things out. It's a miracle that my husband will eat salad because he never does. He liked the smell of the salad dressing I made in the shaker the other day and he just needed some "normal" lettuce instead of my regular spinach to convince him to eat a salad this weekend.

Time to go be productive and clean the house!

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