Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Photography fun

I've been having a pretty good week and it's hard to believe it's nearly over. How has yours been?

I was happy to receive all four flavors of the newest Larabar, ūber, this week. I had purchased the bananas foster flavor a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed that bar.



Tried the roasted nut roll today as a snack and I liked this flavor more than the bananas foster one!


I finally learned how to take a screen shot of my iPhone and took a photo of my favorite podcast, Dishing up Nutrition, which I was listening to on a lunch break.


I went over to my brother's house on Tuesday to give him some info on interviewing for a job and get a copy of his resume. In return, we got three different types of tomato plants from my green thumbed brother! Can't wait to have a garden again!


Last night, I had to make a quick meal for dinner so I poached two eggs up in the poached egg pan I love so much. I can't imagine poaching eggs without it and it's my favorite way to eat them.


My sandwich included lettuce from my bro's garden, tomato, Frank's Red Hot and some cheese.


Then I dashed off to an Advanced Digital Photography class through the Milwaukee rec department. I learned so much in two hours!


I was happy to finally know more about taking pictures with our Canon DSLR. I wish I could share everything I learned, but it's all so very technical. If you've always wanted to learn how to get into manual mode with your camera, take a class and you'll be happy you did! It helped that our teacher was excellent and he is a newspaper photographer, so it's something he does every single day.


We "went on assignment" and he taught us how we would adjust the camera for action, a beach scene, portrait, etc. It was a good approach for helping us learn directly about why we would adjust the camera that way and how pictures can turn out poorly if you don't.

"on assignment"

Have you ever taken a photography class? I hadn't taken one since getting an A in my college photography class. That was when film still existed and digital was just coming out on the market! I loved developing film and experimenting with the camera.


  1. I would love to take a photography class (and get a better camera! lol) I took a class in high school back when we had to ALSO learn the fine technique of developing film - and it got you a hall pass to "take pics" :) But I did love it, and still do!

  2. I've never taken a photography class, but I would love to. I have read a lot on food photography, which I find fascinating.