Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crohn's and colitis walk

On Sunday, my friend Danielle and I participated in the Take Steps Crohn's and colitis walk. Since I have Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), it is a very important walk for me to participate in each year. I am thankful that Danielle goes with me and supports the cause. She understands the diseases because she works as a nurse in a GI lab.

Did you know that 1 in 200 Americans struggle with IBD? I have colitis and it takes a toll on me when I have a flare. Recently, I have been experiencing some complications with my condition and it really affects everything in my life--work, my social life, exercise, eating, my mood, my memory (which is usually steller, but not when I am sick), etc.

This was my third walk and it was in a new location, at South Shore park in Bay View. I really preferred this spot over the previous ones in recent years.

misc. blog pics 002

We ate a picnic dinner and walked around to see what the education booths offered. There was a good crowd gathered before our roughly two mile walk started.

misc. blog pics 001

At one point, we got around this huge group and were in the lead! I've never been in the lead during a walk like this one. :)

misc. blog pics 006

We walked past some lovely houses that faced Lake Michigan. I loved this one in particular.

misc. blog pics 005

And of course, we had great views of the lake. Our walk was supposed to be 2 miles, but it seemed like it was a little over that.

misc. blog pics 004

The Take Steps walk is really the only one I feel like participating in each year since the cause is near and dear. Other races feel like they get enough support and in my opinion, I wish more people would financially support a different medical cause every year. So this is my plug to you readers. Next time you think about signing up for a hugely supported race, please think of this post and diversify what causes you donate to. Thank you!


  1. I agree, diversifying your causes is important. Although breast cancer research is SUPER important, I feel like it overshadows a lot of other important causes.

  2. Yay CCFA!!! I love how many people came out for the walk! :)