Saturday, June 2, 2012

Leon's Custard and El Rey

I'm back in Milwaukee after a wonderful two day adventure to Madison and the surrounding countryside. I cannot wait to recap the Wisconsin cheese tour trip us Milwaukee foodies were lucky enough to experience. If you are interested in learning more about some fantastic Wisconsin cheese, look for posts over the next week.

Craig and I felt like getting some custard tonight, so we headed over to Leon's. As if I needed any more food in my belly, but I couldn't pass up custard.



In Milwaukee, there's always a battle over who has the best custard. I have to admit that I've been a Kopps girl forever, but today I realized that Leon's vanilla is pretty similar in taste.


Craig convinced me to share a "Spanish style hamburger" with him and it wasn't bad. I don't eat a lot of meat, but could tolerate this as it reminded me of his family's recipe for spoon hamburger (basically spicy ground beef on a bun rather than a hamburger patty).


Craig has always been a Leon's fan.



On our way back home, we stopped by El Rey grocery store. We needed to get some veggies for salad since I just bought a whole head of lettuce at the farmer's market today.


It was our first time going into this location, which is really close to our house and I definitely will be shopping there more often.

Their produce was cheap and plentiful. Not all of it was that fresh, so I was a bit disappointed.


We thought the banana nino sign was cute/funny.


It was cool to see cacti being sold in a grocery store.


My favorite part was the aisle of ethnic foods, including German chocolate like Milka and Kinder.


When I lived in Switzerland, this was my favorite chocolate and I bought it every week. I cannot find it anywhere, so I was ecstatic to see it at El Rey. Plus, the price was right, especially compared to World Market (it was $1.48 for a bar).


This aisle will be visited often in the future. I didn't get to explore it as in depth as I would have liked today.


We laughed at this product.


And this creepy ones (clowns scare me).


If you live in the Milwaukee area, do you have a favorite custard place? Ethnic grocery store?


  1. LOL - my parents brought us back some Kopp's custard tonight - Turtle Sundae! Which El Ray's do you do to? I've always wanted to go there.

  2. It's on Oklahoma Avenue and across from Serb Hall. I was so happy to find some unusual items there tonight!

  3. OMG I haven't had Leon's or Kopps in a long time. We're going to be in Milwaukee next weekend, so we might have to make a stop.

    Also, I love Milka chocolate, thanks to my German teacher in high school. Milka makes an Easter-egg candy called Scoops, where you scoop this mousse-like filling out of chocolate eggs. Wow. So yummy!

    And Kranky is really yummy, actually. I don't remember where I had it, but I snagged some once and actually enjoyed it. So simple but tasty!

    Hope you are well, Lisa!

  4. am obsessed with kopps custard! Whenever I am visiting Milwaukee I have to make a stop off and grab a cup of whatever the flavor of the day is. I have tried their burger and chicken sandwich both of which are awesome not to mention huge. There is something classic about this place that I love and it will always be on my travel itinerary when I am heading up to Milwaukee.