Monday, June 11, 2012

Our 2012 Container Garden

I don't know about you, but I love checking out other people's gardens. I thought I would share what we planted this year and how things are looking so far.

We have been container gardening for a couple of years now and it works for us. Since we may move in the next couple of years, we have decided not to invest in a raised bed garden.

This picture shows our tomatoes (roma, early girl, cherry and yellow); cilantro and a red pepper plant.

2012 garden

In the last week, two of our tomato plants have been growing like mad. Both were started in a greenhouse by my green thumbed brother.

Tomato plant 2012 garden


A week ago, I prepped the soil and my husband planted the kale seeds in four pots. We are seeing the seedlings now, which is so exciting! I see lots of kale chips in my future. :) I also need to find some new kale recipes, so if you have any you would recommend, send them my way.

Kale seedlings!

It's unpictured, but our strawberry plant is still thriving and we have had two strawberries from it so far.

Do you have a garden?


  1. Too funny, I was taking photos of my containers last night and started writing a post with the subject "Container Gardening" :) Last month I did two pots at a container gardening class, and then I have four more with plants from the MF farmers' market. I love seeing growth just a few weeks can see it too, whenever I get around to finishing my post :)

  2. I grew up with a huge, and I do mean huge, garden as a child. Which makes me loathe the idea of doing my own. I know that sounds horrible! Since I had to work so hard growing up I hate working a garden, but I think a container garden would work for me! I will have to think about this for next year. Of course my parents still garden (not nearly as big) so I do get a lot of great produce for free :)

  3. I love other people's gardens but I can't grow anything myself. Our balcony is 80% shaded, so that doesn't help either. I would definitely plant a garden if I ever bought a house though!

  4. yay! your garden looks really great! :) i love looking at our tiny little green tomatoes.