Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend up north

We headed up to Shawano, WI over the weekend, where my husband's family has a cottage on the lake. I didn't grow up going to a lake cottage or cabin, but it's a tradition in Craig's family.

I drove and was feeling sleepy halfway through our trip, so a trip to Starbucks was much needed. I tried a White Chocolate frappucino for the first time.

Needed a pick me up while driving up north

We stopped in Oshkosh, where the EAA flyin was going on and we saw the Good Year blimp and some fighter jets.

Good year blimp

Here are some pictures from the lake.





We ran into town on Friday night and I picked up a salad and some Chobani at the store.

Healthy dinner

Craig supported the girl scouts and got a hot dog.

Craig eating his hot dog

On Friday night, I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, but admittedly spent a lot of time on my cell phone because I was a little bored. They weren't horrible (especially if you knew that Boyle was creating the first live movie) in my opinion, I just get bored during those in general. I like the parade of nations part best.

I enjoyed this cider finally.

Fox Barrel cider and the olympics

We ventured out to Wausau to hike Rib Mountain on Saturday.

The views from the top were beautiful.


me at Rib Mountain

us at Rib Mountain

We went on the yellow trail and it wasn't that tough or long of a hike.

the yellow trail at Rib Mountain

The top of the observation tower offered the best views of the area.


It was nice to get a change of scenery over the weekend. I didn't get to do any reading of magazines or books, which was a bummer. I did watch a lot of Olympics and Craig learned just how excited I am about the summer games. I was so happy Lochte won a gold!


My one complaint about the weekend? Getting a cappucino in town at a local coffee shop. Let's just say that the girl admitted that she didn't know how to make one and when she started to make it, kept asking if I wanted it flavored with vanilla. Then another lady took over making it, asked me if I wanted vanilla flavoring and it was finally done about 15 minutes after I ordered it. I think there was something wrong with the machine or the barista. I should have complained or walked out as the capuccino was not very good in the end. I don't think Shawano will be getting a Starbucks anytime soon, so I know to just be happy with my instant coffee when I am up north.

Monday, July 23, 2012

AJ Bombers Milwaukee

We wanted to try a new restaurant when celebrating Craig's birthday this past Thursday, so we headed down to AJ Bombers on Water Street in downtown Milwaukee.

various july photos 023

I liked that we could fill out our own orders.

menu AJ Bombers

We played one round of "soccer" and realized we weren't too good at it.

Birthday boy!

We had some peanuts to start.

getting peanuts!

Then our cheese curds arrived and we gobbled them up pretty quickly!

cheese curds

Craig ordered the Milwaukee burger, which was on the Food Wars show.

Craig's burger

I had the veggie burger on a pretzel roll.

my veggie burger

To me, the interior was very manly. Peanuts on the floor, peanut filled "bombs" that fly through the air, etc.

various july photos 018

various july photos 011

AJ Bombers Milwaukee

Craig and I both really liked the food we ordered and would return to AJ Bombers. This mostly vegetarian might even try a hamburger next time!

AJ Bombers
1247 N Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 221-9999

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life this past week

I never got around to blogging last week. It seemed that we had something going on every day after work or I was just utterly exhausted.

Here's what I was up to from Monday to today.

I got a bunch of veggies from my brother. Check out his huge garden!

Dean in his garden!

Dean's garden

I picked up some stuff for my parents and I picked out some tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and broccoli.

produce from Dean

I am still researching traveling in Europe and where my mom and I will go, which is exciting.

books on Europe

I've also been watching lots of these videos on YouTube and they are helping me remember the German language.


I had vegan pizza for the first time this week. It had tofu on it and obviously, no cheese. I really didn't mind that the cheese was missing at all.

vegan pizza

We got to the new Orange Leaf near us. I wasn't too thrilled with the two flavors I got and think I like Orange Leaf's fruity flavors better than their chocolate/peanut butter ones.

orange leaf

It was my husband's birthday on Thursday! He woke up to a card I made on Tiny Prints and doughnuts.


various july photos 010

We celebrated with cake later that night.

birthday cake

On Saturday, we hung out at my brother's new pool.



We took a book from a Little Free Library. Now we have to find one to leave there.


We've been watching our cat Tanzi slowly destroy a brown paper bag. It's been pretty hilarious seeing him fashion new ways of sleeping in the bag throughout the week.

Tanzi and destroyed bag


Today, we went to the Dark Knight Rises because some friends had free passes. It was sure action packed and a very long movie!

And as always, the weekend flew by. It didn't help that I had to work late on Friday night. I am looking forward to a week in which I only have to work four days. Woo hoo!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

This Saturday I...

...played tennis against Craig and lost again! It was another good workout and we happily skipped the gym and traded it for an awesome outdoor workout.

I washed my car by hand when we got home and then I mixed up Fitmixer amino acids in Fruit Punch for the first time!

Fitmixer amino

The taste was delicious and I felt a bit full from the drink.

Fitmixer fruit punch

I also went online and did this today, so now I have a 1500 calorie meal plan to follow if I want to.


I played with Karma for a bit. He was asking for pets all afternoon.

Karma asking for pets

My July Birchbox arrived today! Spoiler alert up next.

Birchbox July

I liked all of the items I received this month. Can't wait to try out the new goodies.

Birchbox July 2012

I was so excited when I saw that I got headphones in my Birchbox. I needed a new pair to keep in my gym bag and these actually match my iPhone case and the iPod nano I use at the gym. I tried them out already and the sound quality isn't as good as the headphones that come with Apple products, but I adjusted the equalizer and they do sound a bit better.

Birchbox headphones

I also researched trips to Europe because my mom and I might go next spring. She's never been to Germany, Austria or Switzerland and my dad and Craig don't really want to go, so I'll happily travel with my mom.

I get the travel bug and then start to excitedly research a bit early. We need to decide if we're going to go on a guided tour or if I will just organize the whole thing, which I have done many times before. It kind of would be nice to sit back and let someone else do the work this time. Plus, we'd get to more destinations with a tour.

Here is my favorite route so far. It even includes a night in Lugano, which would allow me to show my mom where I lived for 6 months!

Europe route

And then I made a Target run for the $1 Chobani before the sale expires tonight and I was pleased to find some new jean shorts that are better than the ones I purchased last weekend.

We're just staying in tonight. I think I am going to watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and just chill out on the couch. Hope your weekend is going well!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lucky Friday the 13th

Did you know that 2012 has had 3 Friday the 13ths? It's my lucky day and year I guess! 13 is one of my lucky numbers.

I spent my lucky Friday feeling unlucky in some ways. I met my friend Laurie at Panera to teach her how to use Wordpress and blog in general. Unfortunately, we ended up at different Paneras on accident and wondered where each other was. We finally connected and my luck turned around when she bought me breakfast! I enjoyed a yummy egg and cheese sandwich on ciabatta.

Later in the morning, I met my mom to go shopping. We got our free refreshers drinks at Starbucks. We both tried the berry and it was yummy!



After doing some shopping and having no luck in the clothes or shoes department today, we treated ourselves to Yo Mama in Brookfield. It was my first time checking out this location.



I got the cake batter with fruit and assorted borba balls, gummies, etc. Aah, I missed frozen yogurt.


The interior of this location was more spacious than Tosa.


They had the same cute lights I love so much though!


And the same funky, super tall chairs.



I loved this water fountain, or bubbler, as we call them in Milwaukee.


So cool that it has a spot to fill up water bottles and track how many bottles the fountain has filled up.


Back to the bubbler--here is a fun explanation posted above the water fountain.


The frozen yogurt fueled us up for a trip to Costco! My mom is a member, so I stocked up on a bunch of stuff--nothing too exciting though. Mom and I basically had our lunch there in samples too!

What do you call a drinking fountain in your town? What are your favorite fro yo toppings?